Rules To Follow The First Time That You Have A Credit Card

If you will be taking out a credit card for the first time, then there are a number of rules that you will have to follow. You will need to make sure that you pick the right credit card. Every credit card has its own unique features and benefits. If you have a good credit history, then you may be able to get a credit card with rewards. You may have to get a secured credit card if you have bad credit or no credit.

You will need to make sure that you pay your credit card bills on time. You will be able to avoid unnecessary fees and increase your credit score. It is a good idea for you to pay off your credit card bill every month. If you do not pay your balance off entirely, then it will continue to grow. It will also continue to accrue interest.

You will need to keep your charges low. You may have a $4,000 credit limit, but that does not mean that you have to spend $4,000. Experts recommend that you only use 25 percent of your credit limit. This means that if you have a $4,000 limit, then you do not need to spend more than $1,000.

Additionally, you will need to review your account regularly. This will allow you to spot unusual activity and fraud.

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Shervin Pishevar Thinks The US has Fallen

Shervin Pishevar is surely a person who is a strong proponent of the American Dream, having immigrated to the United States during his youth with his parents, only to become one of the most prominent, and outspoken, businessmen in the world today. During his time as a student at the University of California, Berkeley, Shervin Pishevar, majoring in molecular cellular biology, was not necessarily on a career path to dominate the world of venture capitalism, but today, as well as Virgin Hyperloop One, he has done just that. Many people that have followed Shervin Pishevar’s career would attest to his almost clairvoyant style of investing, as he was able to identify and get in early with a number of companies that have since risen to the top of their respective sectors, including Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Tumblr, Rap Genius, and Warby Parker.

Not one to be shy about his successes regarding his investments, Shervin Pishevar often takes to public platforms to dish on his feelings concerning pertinent investing and financial issues, and after taking a brief pause from social media, he returned with a boatload of issues to discuss. In what amounted to a 50-tweet session that took place over the course of 24 hours, with him only taking a short break to eat dinner, Shervin Pishevar touched on a myriad of topics geared at the future of the American economy, entrepreneurship, and globalism.
One of the most earth-shaking tweets that Shevin Pishevar posted concerned the state of the stock market, which, throughout the year, has experienced a number of peaks and valleys. If he is correct, the stock market is due to crash in the very near future, which, by his estimate, will result in a 6000 point loss. This news only took one day to begin shaping, as the Dow Jones experienced one of the most devastating days in recent history, dropping by 1000 points, with half of this decline occurring in only a half-hour. He wasted no time discussing his claims further, even directing several of his tweets, including the hashtag, “TrumpDump,” at the US President, Donald Trump, who has been backing the market all year.


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How to Save Money in Everyday Life

If you’re like most people, you’d probably like to save a little extra money. Being more mindful of your spending sets a great example for your children and helps you to practice the art of enjoying life without being wasteful. Here are some of the ways you can keep a little extra money in your wallet this month.

One of the first things you can do is learn how to cook. If you often go to a favorite restaurant or two for a meal, learn how to make a replica of it at home. You’ll be able to make more of the food for the same price you’d pay for the meal at the restaurant, and you won’t have to pay for gas or the delivery fee associated with getting your food.

You can also be mindful of any nationally recognized holidays in the month so you can do your major shopping then. A number of car dealerships and appliance suppliers have sales holidays like President’s Day, so you can save a significant amount of money of items your family needs.

If you’re filing taxes this year, be sure to do this as soon as possible to save money with early bird specials. There are also a number of online tax services that are offering discounts on software, and the earlier you file, the earlier you could receive a refund check.

For more practical money-saving tips, visit

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Credit Card Debt for Americans is on the Rise

Credit card debt has been building for quite some time. Now, a study shows that approximately one in five people have more credit card debt then they do savings. It seems as though this generation is not prioritizing putting any money into savings.

Credit card debt is often a result of having multiple credit cards. This also does not take into consideration mortgage debt, car payments, or student loans.

Financial advisors recommend creating a savings account. Even if a small amount of money goes in every month, it’s still building to a higher amount. It also builds as a result of interest. It is highly recommended that there is at least three to six months’ worth of expenses in savings.

With 20% of Americans having more credit card debt and then they do money in savings, this poses a problem. Those who have a high-level of debt should focus on reducing the debt as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of interest paid. Often, the easiest way to achieve this is by paying more than the minimum required payment.

With the unemployment rate improving, people are making more money. According to the chief financial analyst at Bankrate, it is improving. People are learning to depend less on credit card debt. However, there is still a long way to go before the statistics start to show considerable marks of improvement.

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Arjun Kapur’s Go Buyside Attracts Fortune 500 Companies

In 2011 Arjun Kapur founded the award-winning company, Go Buyside. Kapur is an alumnus of the prestigious Stanford Business School. At Stanford, the visionary entrepreneur attained a Masters in BA and that was enough to get him started on a high flying career as a financial guru. From the onset, Kapur was quick to notice how there was a massive shortfall of skilled talent to fill in vacancies in the finance industry. The hiring cycle was too daunting a process for most employers and Arjun Kapur saw a brilliant opportunity to capitalize on the gaping demand. Read more about GoBuyside at


GoBuyside is an innovative tech company that strives to completely revolutionize staffing in the finance realm. Kapur’s initiative helps to speed up the headhunting process by utilizing bulletin and job boards, artificial intelligence and applicant tracking systems. Thanks to the tireless effort of the outstanding staff led by Arjun Kapur at GoBuyside Inc., over 500 worldwide clients find the ideal employees to fill in the top-level financial management positions at their Fortune 500 companies. Today, Kapur’s venture has a network comprising of over 10,000 accredited financial consortium spread out all over the globe.

How is Go Buyside Unique?

But what is it that actually places GoBuyside on a higher pedestal as compared to the dozens of other reputable firms? Well, for starters, GoBuyside has succeeded in earning itself a ravenous review and rating as being, above all, one of the most transparent job platforms. In stark contrast with other platforms, employees are kept up to date on the status of their applied job. At the same time, the employers on the GoBuyside platform benefit by receiving the resumes of the most proficient job applicants on the market in record time. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

At GoBuyside, everything revolves around the welfare of the esteemed clients. Placing the clients first is a strategy that never disappoints, CEO Kapur said in a recent interview. The consummate investor went ahead to remind the aspiring generation of investors the importance of research and development in growing disruptive companies. Reach out to Go Buyside for excellent remunerations solutions and investment advice.


Follow this disruptive private equity firm via their twitter handle and stay informed on new developments shaping the job seeking realm. This platform is highly recommended for small, mid-sized and extremely large businesses and international companies. Go Buyside is renowned for offering the most market attractive rates for both the job seekers and the Fortune 500 employers.


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Market America — The Premier Provider for Families

Market America is a top entrepreneurial growth and engagement agency in America. It has created wealth in excess of 20,000 families and keeps developing financial freedom for families every 12 months. The opportunities which are supplied by Market America are unique due to the fact they allow contributors the opportunity to emerge as owners of their very own personal business with minimal investment. They held their country wide convention and their 20,000 top personnel were in attendance. The occasion was filled with performers like fat Joe and Jamie Foxx. Many of the entrepreneurs were recognized for their hard work and awards were handed out. Marketplace America unveiled their new technological improvements at the occasion. The advancements had been cutting edge and are expected to change the environment of online commerce.

The products at the website were advanced to provide many more merchandise options to shoppers. Clients would be glad to learn that the services were catered specifically to their wishes. They are providing canned goods and non-perishables to parents who want greater time getting to and from the grocery store. The upgraded rewards structures are making it good for customers to engage in purchasing online. They will earn reward points. The rewards are then converted into free objects from Market America.

Marketplace America has been rated #57 in a highly respected online retailer magazine’s top 500 list. Their intention is to make their internet site a shop for everybody searching for products for his or her family. The general idea is one that is guaranteed to improve because the organization will continue to grow. They’re growing their app so customers may even save products from their phone.

The benefit of buying your groceries through Market America consists of rapid delivery and no membership charges. Customers should buy in bulk and not fear being taxed outrageous fees. They’re presently undertaking an approach which will take them into rising markets. Places like Panama, Portugal, and the Netherlands will be eligible to enjoy the remarkable merchandise supplied by means of Market America. They are an innovative organization with an incredible potential for growth and expansion.

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Citigroup To Refund Massive Amount Of Charges To Customers

An announcement from Citigroup states that the company will repay its customers approximately $330 million in overcharged annual fees that it had tacked on to some accounts.

The company has stated that the average refund per account will be approximately $190 according to CNN Money. The company has said that they apologize for the error and that they are doing everything within their power to get the refunds out to impacted accounts as quickly as possible.

Laws in place at the moment state that credit card issuers are required to review accounts at least twice per year to determine if they are eligible for an interest rate reduction. If they are, then the company is required to give that rate reduction.

The company failed to keep up its end of the bargain with this law. They did review the accounts, but the rates were often not changed, or at least not changed by as much as they should have been. Therefore, they have now had to fess up to this and offer a refund to those customers who were impacted.

Roughly half of the accounts reviewed that were eligible for a reduction did not receive one at all. The other half of the accounts might have received a reduction, but not one that was as big as it should have been. Given this, it is understandable that many people are angry with Citigroup and want to have their money back as soon as humanly possible. That is where we are at today.

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Creative Budgeting Tips

If you think about the money you spend in the course of a day, you may discover that it’s time to start taking more control of your budget. There are several ways that you can save money and stick to your financial goals — all it takes is a little planning and creativity.

One of the first things you can do is stock up on snacks the next time you’re at the grocery store. This will keep you from having to go to the vending machine each day at work and school or stopping by the convenience store on your way to work. As we all know, vending machine and gas station snacks are very overpriced, so getting your favorite snacks on your next grocery store run could save you a significant amount of money each week.

You can also save money by having more stay-at-home dates. When special occasions like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary come around, take the time to learn how to make a gourmet meal at home. You’ll be saving on gas, you won’t have to worry about purchasing an outfit for your date and you’ll spend less money on the food itself. Make your stay-at-home date a special occasion by lighting scented candles, playing your favorite music, and purchasing affordable decorations that make your space come alive.

Want more practical ideas that will help you put more money in your savings account each month? Visit

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Protecting Your Online Assets

Bitcoin has been all over the news lately, and investors are clamoring to get their hands on the hottest investment of the moment, cryptocurrency. The way that we view investment opportunities has certainly changed in the past decade, but according to CNBC, the ways that we protect those online assets have not necessarily kept up with technological changes.

After the excitement of building up your online wealth wears off, you should seriously consider how you will pass on that wealth in the event of your demise. Estate planners have been presented with a new challenge of how to identify and plan for online currencies to be passed on after their clients’ deaths. The main thing to remember is that unless you have told someone else about your cryptocurrency, it is very likely that no one would ever know that your account exists. All of that money could be gone in the wash after you pass. It is crucial to have a plan and clear instructions on how to access your account keys.

You may not consider social media accounts to have the same sort of monetary value as cryptocurrency, but you should plan for what happens to them after you pass just the same. It is a good idea to maintain a running list of your online accounts with access information in a secure location so that someone in your family can find it. It is very likely that people underestimate the total number of online accounts that they actually have.

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Should Kids Be Paid for Chores?

There are a number of reasons why assigning chores to children is a good idea. Chores teach responsibility and give children the sense that they are part of a family and have a responsibility to keep the house running smoothly. However, there is an ongoing debate about whether kids should be paid to do chores.

Some parenting experts say that allowance and chores should be two separate things. After all, a child may decide that he/she doesn’t need money for the week, and will decide not to do his/her chores because there is no reason to be rewarded. On the other hand, some children may only show a willingness to help around the house because they know they are getting paid. Chores should be expected of everyone in the house. Author Ron Lieber says that children need to understand that since parents don’t get paid for doing chores, children shouldn’t either.

However, there are some experts who assert that children should receive money when they do work around the house because they need to learn that they should “earn their keep” in the home and not expect everything to be handed to them. By providing an allowance, children learn that they have to work for the things they want to purchase. Lauren Greutman, a personal finance expert, believes that the price of the chore should depend on its level of difficulty, so that children can learn the concept of earning the money they receive.

Which side are you on? For more details, visit

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