CTCA And WebMD Will Keep You Informed

When you hear the news that you, or a loved one, have cancer, it immediately gives you a bleak out look on your quality of life from that point. You can only see dark days ahead. There have been many innovations and advancements made in cancer treatments that many people are not aware of. You just think of the old days when cancer was considered as being the beginning of the end. In the modern world of today, cancer treatment options are varied, and not viewed as a terminal illness. Now it is a treatable illness that can have you back into your normal activities in a short period of time.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has earned the rank of being the number one treatment centers in the nation by many people. They offer treatment plans that are designed especially for the patient. They are carefully differentiated from one patient to the next because no two cancers are exactly alike, just as no two patients are exactly alike. You are allowed to assist in your choice of treatment options. Your doctor will work diligently with you, explaining all about the cancer and the options that are available for you.

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand and absorb all of the information at once. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with WebMD to make all of the information that you will need easily accessible to you, family members, caregivers, and even the public. Your information will be kept private, and you will be able to stay abreast of everything that is going on with your particular case. WebMD is an online informational source that allows patients to view all aspects of their treatment, and not have to wait for a visit to the doctor. With WebMD, patients can navigate their treatment starting with their diagnosis from the doctor to survival, and all of the after care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a group of hospitals located in regions throughout the United States. The centers are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Atlanta, Georgia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; and Phoenix, Arizona. They offer two levels of treatment, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. They also have experienced clinicians to deliver supportive therapies to help with nausea. fatigue, pain, and other side effects of the treatment, or medications. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer an intergrative approach that helps their patients maintain their quality of life.

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The Role of Troy McQuagge in the Growth of USHEALTH

USHEALTH group Inc. is a renowned insurance holding organization that is situated in Texas which majorly deals in providing its clients with innovative health coverage for small business and self-employed individuals which is on the rise in the country. USHEALTH is driven by the vision to combine the talents of its employees and agents to bring profitable insurance products with unmatched customer service in their operations.

Troy McQuagge who is the chief executive officer USHEALTH joined the company 2010 and hit the ground running on a mission to turn the fortune of the company around by first rebuilding its distribution agency. Troy lead a successful drive to change the advisors of the organization which led to his election to the role of president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH group Inc. in 2014.Since his election to this role the organization has witnessed immense growth and profitability.

Troy was recently awarded the CEO of the year in the prestigious One PlanetTM Award which is a premier awards program acknowledging outstanding business and professional in every industry all over the world. All kinds of organizations are eligible to submit nominations in this award. In his speech about receiving the award Mr. McQuagge he said that he was honored to receive the award but acknowledges the contribution of everyone at USHEALTH group in getting this award.

Troy McQuagge is from Panama City and received his education from the University of central Florida. He currently lives in Texas where he works for the USHEALTH group Inc. Troy began his career in health insurance sales where he spent most of his time. He worked for different organizations like Allstate insurance before he joined his current organization where he serves as the president. In USHEALTH Troy majorly focused on improving the quality of life of its clients and that is why the organization has made a lot of profit in the time Troy has been there. Read more on Troy McQuagge US health at About.me

Apart from the CEO of the year award from One Planet Troy McQuagge has also received other notable awards in his career such as the Stevie Awards for people skills which he received in 2007 for his leadership skills. In 2016 he has also received the Most Innovative CEO of the year by the CEO world awards. This is a testimony of the outstanding impact that Troy McQuagge in his company given all the recognition he received but he always attributed to the whole team.

The One Planet awards is currently divided into categories for recognition such as Corporate communications, marketing and personal relationship among other divisions that are used to award different people who have impacted differently in the organizations that they serve in.Troy is a humble business man who has had a big impact in the health insurance sector.

Read this article:https://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/Troy-McQuagge-is-Slated-to-Head-USHEALTH-Group-Inc-a-489547


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What Happens When Couples Get a Joint Bank Account?

Many people are apprehensive about getting a joint bank account with their spouse. Couples that are newly married or engaged may hesitate to combine their bank accounts, but more established couples tend to see the benefit in this more easily. Couples who live together before marriage may find that simply splitting the bills and taking care of the financial obligations of the home while still spending money on independent items or ventures is best for the relationship. However, is this the case in marriage as well? According to some financial planners, joint checking and saving accounts, as well as a joint credit card, can actually improve relationships.

When couples have joint accounts, they are not constantly nitpicking about who owes what. Keeping tabs on your significant other can certainly take the romance out of a marriage or relationship. This can also make one person in the relationship feel as though he/she is only valued for his/her money, or that he/she is not valued enough due to not making as much money.

Joint bank accounts also make it easier for couples to adhere to a household budget. When you know that your money is combined with your spouse’s, you’ll likely be more careful about your spending and be motivated to take care of household expenses as quickly as possible. When you and your partner are both doing this, there’s a good chance that your necessary bills will be taken care of, and you’ll have more money for leisure activities.

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Ted Bauman Works to Stay Ahead of the Curve

With a concentration in asset protection, international migration, and low-risk investments, the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert, Ted Bauman, joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, after a 25-year career as an executive in the nonprofit division. Raised in the Washington metropolitan area, Mr. Bauman emigrated to South Africa at a young age, attending The University of Cape Town, where he garnered postgraduate degrees in history and economics. Since entering into the workforce, it has been his primary objective to connect people around the world with resources that would allow them to live autonomous lives, free of oversight of government entities, as well as corporate avarice. Over the years, he has worked directly with a number of highly regarded organizations, including the United Nations and the World Bank. In 2008, at the tail-end of his career abroad, he decided to return to the United States, promptly taking a position with Habitat For Humanity in a directorial capacity. He recently collaborated with his father, former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman, on a book entitled “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).” Today, Mr. Banyan resides in Atlanta, GA with his family. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Ted Bauman usually begins his day by taking his daughter to school, before promptly returning home to begin work in his basement office. Over the years, Ted Bauman has strictly adhered to this practice, learning that he tends to operate at his highest capacity first thing in the morning, allowing him to remain as productive as possible. Time management has become a major part of his life – one in which he regrets not implementing into his process earlier in his career. Due to this, he makes a habit of avoiding distractions at all costs and is admittedly stingy with this portion of the day. During this time, he emphasizes the practice of researching, both mainstream and obscure websites, helping him to stay abreast of the latest trends regarding the economic climate of the world, which is essential to his audience. Mr. Bauman is also an avid reader, citing this as one of his key assets. He recommends that businessmen of all sectors implement a practice of garnering knowledge regarding perspectives that they do not necessarily agree with, as it can be very advantageous when arguing points, while also making them more well-rounded. All of these practices have helped Mr. Bauman connect with his audience on an intimate level, which he deems necessary due to the repercussions associated with the information that he delivers. Read more:https://ezinearticles.com/expert/Ted_Bauman/1964192


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Credit Card Rewards Aren’t All They Are Cracke Up To Be

American’s are in debt, just like our own country, we spend more than we bring in. It is estimated that by the end of December 2017 after the holiday shopping is done, American’s total credit card debt will reach roughly $905 billion. Most American’s believe that they are getting some good deals with the rewards their cards offer, but are those rewards worth the debt?

One of the most popular and most wanted rewards when it comes to credit cards are airline miles. These cards come with strings, most involve annual fees, and the amount of miles accrued is fairly low. If you charge $8,000 per year on your car, it would take about three years to accumulate enough miles for a free one way ticket from one coast of the United States to the other. Once you get to that point, you would have also spent $240 in fees, which could likely buy you a one-way plane ticket. Even credit cards that offer bonus miles for signing up often don’t pay out. After all that, the miles are difficult to redeem because airlines only allow so many seats per flight that can be purchased with miles.

Cash back cards aren’t much better. Generally, it isn’t real cash back, it is a credit applied to the card’s balance, and on most cards you would need to spend thousands in order to get a simple $100 back. At best, it might be enough to cover the card’s annual fee. Most cash back offers don’t even apply to all purchases, many limit the option to only gas and dining purchases.

According to financial expert Dave Ramsey, swearing off credit cards is really the best move for American’s. He states “There’s no good reason to play with snakes. They bite.” This might be the best advice for people. Ramsey is known for only carrying a debit card, he swears off other types of plastic. For a full rundown of credit cards and their drawbacks, check out this Huffington Post article.

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Credit Card Companies Begin Blocking Purchase Of Cryptocurrency

There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding cryptocurrencies of all types since they began to gain prominence in the past few years. The biggest problem with speculation is that large sums of money are often more or less wagered on certain investments with little to no actual research and knowledge on the subject. One of the riskiest moves that an investor can take is using a line a credit to gain access to more funds so that they can make a higher return on their investment. Their hope is that they’ll make enough to pay back the money with interest and then still have more money left over for themselves. This practice has quickly led to many major credit card companies banning the purchase of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin with their cards. According to sources, one of the first banks to ban the purchase of cryptocurrency with credit cards was Bank Of America and other banking giants like JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup soon followed. The credit companies believe this is an irresponsible and highly risky use of funds and thus this move is aimed to minimize their risk and hedge against thousands of cryptocurrency investors not being able to return the money that they borrowed if their investment doesn’t pan out. The future of cryptocurrencies is uncertain as it still remains in its relative infancy. But on thing that is certain is that credit card companies want absolutely no part in the speculation of cryptocurrency. Investors who wish to use their own funds for cryptocurrencies will have to do so without a line of credit.

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Home Equity Loan Borrowers Are Negatively Affected By Trump Tax Plan

Homeowners that are presently enjoying the benefits of mortgage interest deductions on their taxes should prepare for this perk to be ended. The tax reform law championed by Republican lawmakers will eliminate this benefit to homeowners when paying taxes.

Despite this fact, a poll that was done by LendEDU, a personal finance website, showed that homeowners are not understanding of how this law will affect them as less than 5% of those homeowners polled could identify the detrimental effects to homeowners when filing taxes.

The amount of debt due to home-equity loans held by Americans has declined sharply according to the Federal Reserve Bank. The total balance on home equity lines of credit for the third quarter of 2017 was $448 billion. This was down from a mark of $472 billion in 2016 for the same period. The total was $492 billion in 2015.

Fifty-two percent of the homeowners that took part in the LendEDU poll said that the loans they obtained were provided funds to complete projects to improve their home. Financial advisors suggest that personal loans may be better to use to pay for renovations to the home instead of making use of home improvement loans.

Advisors point out that even though personal loans have higher interest rates, the rate is usually fixed and funded in a short time span which makes their use for these projects more useful in many cases than home equity lines of credit.

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Should Couples Have Joint Bank Accounts?

If you’ll be getting married soon or are thinking about moving in with your significant other, there’s a good chance that the topic of money has come up (if not, it probably should). While you’re trying to figure out how to manage the household budget, you may want to discuss the benefits of having joint bank accounts. Even though this may make some people nervous, there are several advantages to merging your money with your partner’s.

One of the perks of having a joint bank account is that you and your spouse will be more focused on tending to the household bills before spending money on leisure items or activities. When your money is in one account, you know that your spouse can track your spending more easily, and you probably don’t want to be the reason that a bill is paid late.

Also, when you get married, you share each other’s debt. While this may be scary, it can also be comforting and motivating to know that you have a partner who can help you come up with a strategy for getting rid of the debt quickly and efficiently. This also has the ability to bring you and your spouse closer, since you’ll be working together to solve a problem that affects the both of you.

For more information on the benefits of joint bank accounts for couples, check out www.huffingtonpost.com.

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Giving back is a way of life for Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors (USHA). In 2010, he initiated the corporation’s mission of Helping Other People Everyday(HOPE).In this period of Troy McQuagge in office as the president and CEO, USHA and USHEALTH Group has grown exponentially. Today, the corporation functions at a level way higher than when Troy McQuagge began.In the aftermath of the historic Hurricane Katrina, Mr. McQuagge, HOPE project, and other leaders of the company allied with the PNOLA (Phoenix of New Orleans) organization.As a team, they were driven with the objective of making sure that the homes in the city that were most affected were rebuilt.A lot of hours of labor were dedicated to the restoration of homes for the lower Mid-City area in New Orleans.The staff, management and other contracted agents of this corporation are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of other people.HOPE is a mission that this organization holds close to its heart.

In 2011 USHA through its HOPE mission donated baby formula, brand new clothing, shoes and other basic requirements to The Crisis Nursery. This is a non-profit shelter for children.It serves the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.Each time the group gathers for business meetings, they find time to give back to the city that hosted them. When USHA went back to Pheonix in 2012 for their leadership meeting, a check for about $25,000 was presented to HOPEKids Arizona. This is a non-profit community that supports families of children with life-threatening health conditions such as cancer. In 2013 HOPEkids opened a branch in North Texas near USHA’S headquarters. USHA donated over $45,000 to this support community. Learn more:https://www.ushacareers.com/hope/

Troy McQuagge USHealth believes that it is the company’s commitment and mission to help and serve others.To him, it is the noblest way to live life or run a business.These acts selflessness and of kindness by leaders of the company have undoubtedly caused a wave effect and has spread to USHA Agents in communities across America.In Brevard County Florida, under the leadership of Elizabeth Byrne, agents in the USHA offices decided to set out for a HOPE mission in the Palm Bay local community.They researched on service organizations and local charities in the local community. They finally settled on the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. This is a project that serves the community run by the Space Coast Paratroopers Association. Byrne and her USHA team joined hands with Homes for Warriors in preparation and repair for a mortgage-free home.This home was then donated to an Army Specialist and his family within the locality.

This is a clear indication that enriching the local community is also a topmost priority for USHA. These acts of Helping Other People Everyday has spread across the country in USHA’s sales offices.In Arizona in Richard Starke’s Division Office in Scotts dale, they decided to support the Wounded Warrior Project.At the entrance of their meeting room, a fishbowl was set up. This enables agents to donate freely to this project. Every week this division collects a lot of money as an aid for the Wounded Warrior Project.Since the establishment of USHEALTH Advisors(USHA), the corporation has been dedicated to living up to the mission of HOPE.This has been and will always be part of what the company does. Read more on insurancenewsnet.com about Troy McQuagge US Health


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Fight Fair About Money

The fight over finances is one that couples have often. Disagreements pertaining to money can often lead to serious relationship problems. However, there are some tips to keep in mind so that your next conversation with your significant other about money can remain a pleasant one.

One of the most important things to remember is that your money fights are likely not really about money. Money Habitudes an financial behaviorist Syble Solomon says that you’re actually disagreeing about what the money symbolizes, which could be power, security, love, acceptance or control. Solomon says that once couples understand this, it will be easier for them to resolve their money issues.

One person in the relationship may look at money as freedom, while his/her spouse may want to adhere to a strict budget, since money serves as security for the future for the spouse. The solution for these issues is to figure out the true reason for the fight and be honest about solutions that will make both people feel secure.

It’s also very important to make sure that you keep your voice down when you’re discussing money. Don’t wait until there’s a more problem to start talking about the issue. Bring the subject up on a good day, and make sure that you’re both in a good mood and not stressed or tired. You can even play a game by filling in the blanks for money-related statements so that you and your spouse can see what you have in common financially and how you differ.

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