The Admirable Reputation of IC Systems

As one of the top tier collection agencies that is universally known for their values, connection to the community, as well as their secure network, IC Systems continues to thrive due to their teaching, learning, working, research, and discussion abilities.

The core values that are propagated throughout IC System regularly incorporate an urge of excellent performance and satisfactory ethical standards. IC Systems always conducts business in a specific manner that helps to promote their company culture, as well as the direction of their company office. The core values that stand firm behind IC Systems has enforced with integrity and pride. IC Systems hold themselves accountable in every situation, and even acknowledges when an employee demonstrates outstanding performance. This employee will receive the Core Value Award and this recognition aids in popularizing the incorporation of these core values.

The core values continue to expand into the companies influence when further understanding IC Systems connection to the community. IC Systems dedication toward the community has engendered the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO). This organization is an in-house charity that plans monthly charitable efforts, considers the needs of employees that have experienced detrimental health concerns, in addition to investigating the decisions on the solicitation and distribution of funds donated by IC System and its employees. ECHO, along with donations to American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities, and many others, have served the community in more aspects that initially appreciated.

As being one of the leading precursors in collection agencies, IC Systems has taken an invested concern in the security of their company to ensure a positive connection to the community. Their data security compliance has allowed for IC Systems focus to maintain on networking and reaching out to the nation. Technological security helps to push toward their objectives, which mainly highlight environmental and fiscal considerations, along with supporting initiatives of employees, clients, and vendors to achieve their goals.


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United Airlines Rightfully Making Pet Changes

United Airlines infamously made news circles around the globe when it inadvertently switched two flyers’ dogs up. Remember the destinations? One dog supposed to be sent to Kansas ended up in Japan, and vice-versa.

Many people are also familiar with a statistic that indicates United Airlines was responsible for 75 percent of all pet deaths aboard planes this year – of all 24 in the United States, 18 belonged to United.

The program those switched dogs were flying on was the “PetSafe” program, an initiative that United Airlines is ceasing immediately. It will be reviewed by May 1, 2018, and will honor all reservations to the PetSafe program made through today – March 20, 2018.

United Airlines press representative Charlie Hobart shared, in response to the company’s suspension of PetSafe, “We’re going to do a top-to-bottom review of the PetSafe operation. Our goal is to continue to ensure the safety and comfort of pets and all animals that fly with us.”

As long as pets are small enough, however, passengers flying United Airlines are free to bring them aboard in carry-on luggage. As soon as April 1, 2018, rolls around, all pets flying in planes’ cabins will be affixed with high-visibility bag stickers to prevent workers from getting confused about what luggage contains and is free of living animals.

United Airlines’ decision to suspend the PetSafe program also comes in response to a dog’s death after a flight attendant left it in an overhead bin.

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Up To $60 Billion In Tariffs On China Coming By Friday

Donald Trump is obviously a seasoned, astute businessperson. As such, it seems like he’d make great business-related decisions as President of the United States. Only time will tell if Trump’s decision to administer tariffs on trade with China will be worth it.

Experts believe that tariffs will value a total of $60 billion on Chinese exports. Insiders familiar with the matter believe that United States businesspeople are often asked for their intellectual property just to do business with most Chinese. With such American businessmen having no recourse, Donald Trump felt it necessary to tax them as such.

Individuals close to the Trump administration that have been brief on the issue believe that tariffs could be placed on nearly everything exported from China, ranging from clothes to electronics.

In recent weeks, Trump had rejected a deal proposed to him that would levy $30 billion on China in tariffs. However, he turned it down because it wasn’t worth enough. As such, news media sources like The Washington Post report that the Trump administration should impose that whopping $60 billion by Friday, March 23, 2018.

Earlier this March, Trump finalized tariffs on steel and aluminum coming into the United States from all countries. China likely isn’t happy about recent American government intervention in terms of regulating – or over-regulating – trade.

Robert Lighthizer, the United States Trade Representative, has been investigating the systemic processes of how Chinese businesspeople treat intellectual properties. Specifically, Mr. Lighthizer has looked into intellectual property practices under the Trade Act of 1974, Section 301.

Such a law gives the Trade Representative power to enact tariffs in the name of “correcting harm against U.S. businesses.”

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BMW Raided By Police In Germany And Austria

BMW is widely known as one of the most popular consumer luxury car brands. Their annual maintenance fees might be extraordinarily high, but they’re still good cars.

Some countries and states, in the name of protecting planet Earth’s welfare, require car manufacturers to produce vehicles that fall below preset diesel emissions levels. Germany is one of those countries.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, German authorities forcefully barged into BMW’s Munich, Germany headquarters. Germany’s regulatory agencies involved with diesel emissions tests believe BMW may have cheated on its required diesel emissions tests.

A press release from the vehicle manufacturer read in part, “The BMW Group takes the situation very seriously and has a significant interest in the circumstances being fully explained.

German prosecutors shared, following the bust, of course, that roughly 100 police officers conducted raids in both Austria – a second manufacturing plant is operated out of Austria – and Munich, Germany. The investigation is currently in its infancy, and has not determined any rights or wrongs on behalf of BMW.

BMW had, in fact, updated roughly 11,400 automobiles – the two models involved were 750d and M550d saloons – with necessary-yet-faulty software that likely altered their emissions readings. However, the automaker alleges that it informed relevant authorities about the mix-up some months ago.

If caught, BMW wouldn’t be the only automaker found cheating. Back in 2015, Volkswagen admitted to purposefully modifying vehicle engines to pass – really, to cheat – tests of diesel emissions ratings. So far, Volkswagen, a BMW rival, has spend billions to smooth over legal issues.

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Adam Milstein On Jewish Societal Growth

Adam Milstein is an author on Jerusalem Post which is a Cultural News-like website for members of the Jewish community. Retired IDF Army, Israeli Institute of Technology graduate, and co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he is a passionate contributor toward his Jewish ethnicity. After receiving his Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Economics, Adam Milstein migrated to the United States with his wife Gila and their family, achieving a Master of Business Administration degree after their arrival. Optimistic about the unity of the Jewish, Adam published a recent article on concerning a rise of antisemitism, expressing his hope and faith of the fellowship in the future generations of young Jewish men and woman who follow great leaders. Briefly reflecting on past struggles and hardships Adam Milstein refocuses on rising issues involving social media and the heightened percentages of negative activity, which has its wedge-like effect on many families, communities, and organizations throughout society.

Proud to witness characteristics of previous and current leading men and women in the Jewish youth, Adam Milstein believes there are more great leaders and connections to come from the positive communal acts and practices of having faith, and strengthening the community. Supporting the future, Adam sees these leaders in the youth, and with his family organization, he brings numerous college students to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference. He believes investing in great leaders produces great leaders. Eliminating the fears and building character types through a platform and set of tools meant to support and develop important defenses and strengths for the Jewish future.  Adam Milstein emphasizes educating and teaching of necessary skills with the shapers of the future that will eventually replace and take the place of leaders before them. Adam suggests focusing on rebuilding the identity and empowering the heritage in order to defend it.

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Facebook Stock Price Tanks

Facebook’s recent share price drop comes as no surprise, seeking as news of its involvement with Cambridge Analytica and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign.

On Friday, March 16, around 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the price of a single share of Facebook was just over $185. When trading resumed the following Monday, its price dropped to $175. Today, it sits at just $163, around 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Monday, March 19, 2018, marked the worst trading day in Facebook’s history since its IPO six years ago. Its market cap currently sits at roughly $477 billion, down about $50 billion since last Friday.

Standard & Poor’s 500’s technology sector collectively lost 2 percent today, with individual stocks Twitter and Snap dropping 9 and 4 percent, respectively, nearly as bad as Facebook.

In response to allegations regarding Facebook’s and its executives’ decision not to disclose the breach of 50 million personal accounts, United States and United Kingdom officials have publicly asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to share all that he knows what data was compromised, and how the tech giant can protect users’ privacy.

Currently, Mr. Zuckerberg personally holds roughly 400 million shares of the tech giant. Since the close of trading on Friday, his personal share has dropped roughly $7 billion, to this date. Pocket change, huh?

Still, Zuckerberg’s job at the company is unarguably safe, as he singularly controls the majority of Facebook shareholders’ voting power. Coming days and weeks might not be kind to Facebook, as regulations could be around the corner.

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Nick Vertucci – Changing peoples lives for the better!

Nick Vertucci the highly successful real estate professional who has made millions in real estate has leveraged his own experiences into a proven system others can use to make a living.

Nick comes from modest means and at a early age he experienced a great tragedy when his father passed away when he was only ten. After that his family struggled greatly while his mother worked long hours to try and support Nick and his siblings.

Nick Vertucci has experienced highs and lows in his life as an adult. At eighteen he was living in a van and was at one of the lowest points in his life. He was able to over come adversity by starting his own business selling computer parts. Nick enjoyed being his own boss and having success. He then got married and started a family when bad luck struck again.

Nick Vertucci lost his business due to the dot com crash in the year 2000. With little skills and direction he found himself getting deeper and deeper in debt. Never giving up and counting on his mental toughness he discovered the world of real estate.

This life changing moment allowed Nick to walk through a door that would lead him to becoming a millionaire. Fascinated by the real estate industry he worked hard to learn everything he could. Finally, when he became a millionaire he decided to help other people achieve the same goals.

Nick Vertucci has created a step by step process for flipping houses that allows individuals with the drive and enthusiasm the power to succeed. Nick realizes these great human beings lack the knowledge that he has. By providing this last piece to the puzzle he has helped many people on the road to financial freedom.

On his website, Nick Vertucci offers a free introduction to the NVREA system. He has created a community that provides the training and support to help people accomplish their dreams. By providing solutions to the common problems encountered by real estate investors the path to the promise land is assured.

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American Express Cuts Merchant Fees, Cardholder Rewards Could Suffer

Consumers often notice American Express isn’t accepted at every merchant. On the other hand, Visa and Mastercard are almost universal. Amex charges merchants higher transaction processing fees, which helps explain this disparity. Rewards cardholders benefit from this situation because higher transaction fees mean better reward options. In the coming months, though, everything could changes for Amex cardholders. American Express announced its plan to reduce transaction fees for merchants in the coming months.

In theory, lower fees for merchants would bring more merchants to accept American Express. Thousands upon thousands of new merchants would offset the lower transaction fees, which would mean nothing changes for rewards cardholders. Things could even become better for cardholders if the merchant numbers climb high enough. At this point, Amex is behind Visa and Mastercard by over 1 million merchants, which is no small number.

However, nothing is guaranteed with this fee change. Amex will likely add quite a few new merchants to accept its cards. It remains to be seen whether that figure will be high enough to offset the lost fee revenue. If the change doesn’t play out as intended, then Amex may be forced to reduce its rewards programs in significant ways. From there, cardholders will only suffer.

American Express will implement the fee changes in the near future. In due time, more and more merchants will accept the company’s credit card transactions. Cardholders will find out soon after whether the move is panning out well. They’ll either continue to see the company’s same strong rewards programs, or they’ll see a noticeable reduction.

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Felipe Montoro Jens reports the efforts of the PPI in encouraging more PPPs

Felipe Montoro Jens details the various ways the Brazilian government is trying to leverage the benefits of implementing public private partnerships to reduce the deficit and create jobs. Felipe Montoro Jens an infrastructure projects specialist and reporter has gathered details on public private partnerships projects throughout the country. The Program of Partnership and Investments (PPI) is a government entity that is responsible for the government’s efforts to build relationships between the public and private sectors, for project implementation. Read more at Exame about Felipe Montoro Jens

Public private partnerships are a great tool to tackle expensive projects specifically involving education, urban mobility and healthcare, by making them more affordable and sharing the financial obligation with the private sector. There are plans, according to Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens of an R $ 44 billion investment by the government to create public private partnerships to implement 57 projects throughout the country. Felipe Montoro Jens was able to determine the R $ 44 billion investment will be in the form of road construction projects, airport management, and private takeover of public companies.

The city of Belo Horizonte’s airport Brasilia, Confis will no longer be managed by Infraero. Also according the Felipe Montoro Jens Belo Horizonte is currently implementing a 20 year public private partnership project to upgrade all the public lighting from luminary lights to LED lights. Felipe Montoro Jens reports the success of the Belo Horizonte PPP has caused other cities to follow suit.

In December 2018 the Federal Law 11,079 / 04 was passed to both define the rules and regulations for the implementation of public private partnerships, but to create an environment where public private partnerships are encouraged. The number of public private partnership has increased from 10 years ago in Brazil, there is still the need to forge new public private partnerships to help keep the economic situation improving.


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Defense Contractor Mumbo Jumbo In The United States – Trump-Backed Carousel

The defense industry is one of the largest single lines of business on planet Earth, and is almost exclusively funded by governments around the globe. Coining the trade as the attack industry is likely more accurate, but the important fact herein remains – business is booming.

CACI International, a defense contractor for the United States of America, made clear on Sunday, March 18, 2018, that it is open to a merger with CSRA, a larger defense company.

It appears the offer was in contest to CSRA’s potential acquisition by General Dynamics, the largest of the three organizations, which was planned to reach a whopping $6.8 billion.

Over one month ago, CSRA was open to selling its entire company to General Dynamics for just $40.75 per share of common stock. Seeing as the Trump administration will almost certainly spend more on defense than his previous counterpart, defense companies are aiming to combine with one another, as just a few defense contracts are offered to a few companies – contracts typically aren’t split up into multiple pieces.

Experts believe that CACI International’s offer may be found as attractive by CSRA, especially since its share price has risen upwards of 20 percent since December 2017. With stock steadily becoming more valuable, the organization can effectively offer its stock as currency in transactions.

CACI is worth roughly $3.9 billion, in terms of market capitalization, whereas CSRA is nearly twice as large, at $6.7 billion.

If CSRA backs out of its deal with General Dynamics, it owes the latter $204 million in cash.

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