Better Investment Opportunities are Available When You Put Credit Card Debt Behind You

The money that you are paying in credit card interest could be going towards stocks. Most people that are saying that they would like to invest do not have any idea on what they need to do in order to get started. They may claim that they do not have the money to make investments, but they are paying a fortune in credit card debt.

People that are interested in investing may need to look at the stocks that are around $20 to $30. Every stock is not $200 or $500 dollars. In fact, stocks that are this high are bad investments anyway. You have already missed the wave if this is what you are trying to spend your money on. The wise investor is going to choose something that is in an early growth stage, but you have to read to know what the growth stocks are.

You may also need to look at what is happening when it comes to personalizing your plan. It does no good to look at what someone else doing. Their plan is not going to fit your life. You can get ideals from friends, but ultimately you are going to need to create your own portfolio based on your own needs.

Another thing that a potential investor must do is stop believing that it takes a fortune to invest. Even the richest investors had to start small. It is much more about getting the information that you need to make informed decisions regularly.

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Making More Money Is Not a Free Pass to Spend Recklessly

There is a level of financial security that most people are looking to obtain. It has been stated that on average people that earn $80,000 per year are in a place where they can essentially buy the type of vehicle and the type of cars that they want. They can afford most clothes and really live their lives without struggling so this is something that most people have a desire to reach. The problem with this equation is that most people get into debt long before they ever get to an ideal income goal.

At this point the problem becomes how they are managing the money that they have. Anyone that has struggled with their finances before their salary increased will notice that they are in a place where they do not have the ability to spend the way they would like. They have more money but they are also engulfed in debt from . It makes a lot more sense for people that are struggling with debt to get connected to a system where they narrow down what they are spending and concentrating on working the debt down.

Some people automatically assume that a higher salary is a hall pass to spend more money. The reality, however, is that it is going to take more money to pay down the debt that you already accumulated. Once you finally get all of this debt under control you may have the ability to spin without watching every dollar that you have made.

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The Financial Makeover

Straightening out your finances can be something that takes a little time. Anyone that has not done it before may need to get a complete financial makeover if they are struggling with balancing their budget from one month to the next. For a large number of people the debt that that they have starts with credit cards. This is where so many people find trouble with managing their money from one month to the next.

There are financial experts that would lead people to believe that credit cards are truly evil, but that really is not the case at all. As with everything in life it is all about having some sense of moderation. Credit cards can be used, but it requires a wise use of the credit card in order to keep yourself out of debt.

Many people acquire the first credit card that is granted to them. Just because you get a credit card offer does not mean that you have to sign on the dotted line for this particular card right away. It is going to be in your very best interest to find the lowest interest rate that you can acquire if you get a credit card.

Another thing that you must refrain from is the temptation of the cash advance. Do not use your credit card for this because the cash advance is so much higher than the interest rate for standard purchases. You should know this before you find yourself paying back huge interest rates.

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Sweden Appears To Be On Track To Go Cashless

Talk has already been made that Europe is on the move towards going cashless, and in one country it’s already happening. According to a CNBC report, it’s been discovered now that only about 2℅ of all financial transactions in the country are made using cash because consumers have preferred the convenience of digital payments. In particular, a regular banking and debit card app known as Swish has grown in use and the country is heavily invested in the tech industry. While it’s certainly made business easier for many merchants, but it’s now sparking concern for many legislators and parliamentary members who see the potential dangers of not having access to cash. This is because the lower consumer demand for cash has seen fewer notes printed by the central bank.

The problem for Sweden is that even though most of their population, particularly those in Stockholm and the other major cities could practically live without needing cash, those who live in rural areas, the elderly and migrants still have a need for it. But there’s also the problem of a festival financial crisis that might hit such as deflation which could result in negative interest rates and could trigger a demand for cash. But having short supplies of it could have dire consequences for bank customers.

Many store owners in parts of Sweden are already putting signs on their shops saying they don’t accept cash. It’s long been law that the krona has to be accepted by merchants, but there are loopholes in that law that retailers have found and are taking advantage of because they want to run their stores at maximum efficiency. Yet lawmakers are still looking for a balance between having an availability of cash but still going with consumer trends.

One solution they are looking at is cryptocurrency with a possible ekrona being circulated along with the regular krona. Yet the volatility and potential crash of other digital currencies like Bitcoin and ethereum is still giving central bank leaders pause. Sweden appears to be taking a lead in the all digital currency world, but even nations like the UK which still uses cash as much as ever are following them.

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Learning How to Avoid Heated Arguments About Finances

A ton of couples find themselves arguing about money all the time. It can be a hard time for people that are married. The newlyweds that are in bliss will find themselves fighting so much more when there do not agree on how the credit cards and checking accounts are used. It doesn’t make a ton of sense for people to argue over money without a plan. They need to figure out how they are going to spend and voice their opinions without having any fight that result in name calling and yelling.

The thing that works best is bringing your complaint to the table with proof to why the idea does not work. The thing that most people discover quickly is that they are not as open to agree on certain things because they have been in a previous relationship and their finances got dismantled from the last relationship. These are people that are going to be hard to convince to do anything that is not being done their way.

The average person that is looking for a partner that is going to spend or save the way that they save. The problem is that this something that rarely works. Most people will meet someone that has a personality that is opposite from their own.

It becomes easier for people to build a better communication when they get rid of all of their preconceived notions. They cannot spend all of their time looking at financial blunders from old relationships.

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Credit Cards Don’t Have to Be So Much Trouble

So many students with credit cards start their debt when they get in college. It can be very difficult to resist the shiny plastic that comes with credit card, but it is possible to avoid all of that debt. The thing that you really have to do is position yourself in a way where you only spend what you need.

Credit card debt can be costly if you do not pay the balance in full, and it can ruin a relationship. It is best to handle your own debt because your partner may feel like they are totally wasting money by paying for something that they have never even benefited from. No one wants to come into a relationship making payments on some expense that they did not make. More students let their college debt become their post college debt. The problem is that this lowers their credit score and it causes problems when they get their first jobs.

The people that go through this fury of cutting up credit cards and getting angry at credit card companies are senseless. What more people need to do is look at the way that they spend. This could be a thousands times more helpful than charging in advance and not paying any attention to where you are putting your money. That makes no sense at all.

When you acquire the debt the credit card companies are not going to work with you at all. You have to figure a way to resolve debt yourself.

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Amazon Raises Prime Membership Fees For Second Time In Four Years

Many consumers lean on Amazon for a number of reasons, quick two day shipping, television, movies, music, and deals that are all known perks of the popular Prime Membership. The company surprised and disappointed some consumers this week with a price hike on the cost of their membership from $99 to $119 per year.


For new members, this price hike takes effect on May 11 while existing Prime members have a grace period until June 16. This will be the second time in 4 years the company has hiked their Prime price. The company happily announced in April they had reached the milestone of over 100 million Prime subscribers as well as better than expected earnings at the end of their first quarter of the year.


Despite their high numbers, many analyst have deemed Prime to be a money losing idea, but rather simply a way for Amazon to hook and keep customers. Some analyst even suggest that Prime has cost the company billions of dollars because Amazon didn’t plan for the rapid growth for their services. For example, the company markets their Kindle, an e-reader, for “cost” which simply means the company doesn’t make much in the way of profit. They bank on customers then spending more money on their site to purchase books as well as other products.


While there is no doubt that Amazon continues to grow and their subscriber numbers and earnings show the company is prospering, it is still unclear how much they are prospering. If the analysts are correct, the hike of the membership price is evidence of the company not making the profit that they would like the public to believe. For more information on this head to Huffington Post.


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We all know that the home buying process is often a time consuming process. Most people find that the task of putting mortgage paperwork and information together can be a drag, especially filling out countless numbers of forms. The anxiety of even pre-qualifying for a home mortgage loan adds additional stress to homebuyers. Most of these forms ask the same questions over and over again. In a recent article by Business Insider, columnist Elizabeth Dilts writes an article about how some of the big banks are pushing to streamline the mortgage process by utilizing apps that will digitally collect information and pre-write the applicant’s information. Click on the link below for the article here:

For those folks that like to shop for the best interest rates and loan terms, utilizing the bank’s mortgage apps allow potential home buyers to apply for multiple loans quicker and easier. It is a drawn out process to fill out all of these mortgage lending forms by hand. Utilizing these apps will allow homebuyers to know whether they qualify for loans right on the spot. By entering your social security number, your credit score can be determined instantly and a loan decision can be made in as little as 5 minutes.

I believe that banks would greatly benefit from the use of these home mortgage apps as it would save money for consumers. It is about time the banks made lending much easier for potential homebuyers!

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Signature No Longer Needed for Credit-Card Purchases

For years, merchants have been required to obtain customer signatures on most transactions involving credit-cards in order to verify customer identity. This process was often tedious for both parties, with cashiers needing to keep track of stacks of paper receipts, and customers needing to deal with unusable pens. Eventually, electronic signatures made the process was made more convenient, at least when they worked properly.

According to a recent post in The Economist, these frustrations will soon become a thing of the past. At least throughout North America, the four major credit-card issuers—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover—will no longer require a signature at check-out. In general, obtaining customer signatures does little to protect against fraud, and so is mainly just an inconvenience.

The push to leave signatures behind as a method of securing purchases comes at a time where it has become increasingly common for new credit cards to include chips that can be inserted into chip-readers. In fact, both Visa and MasterCard have recently incentivized this trend by imposing penalties on credit-card issuers that do not include a chip on the card. Chip-based authentication is more secure than the traditional “swipe” method, and has gradually displaced its predecessor as more and more merchants have upgraded their systems to chip-reading technologies.

The security of chip-based cards in America still lags beyond the European standard, which relies on both chips and individualized PINs. But for now, Americans can at least be thankful for the quicker, hassle-free check-outs that await.

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To Change Capitalism, First Change the Law

Henry Blodget’s article seeking a better form of capitalism is exactly correct. The beginning of the article shows a chart. According to the graph, wages and salaries have gone from 50% of GDP in 1969 to around 40% now. So, and looking at the chart is just stunning, in nearly 50 years, all of the money created in this economy has been sucked out of working people.

People have worked for less and less as a percentage of what corporations make…and this is ok? No wonder the American worker is so upset at the politicians. Your senators and representatives could care less, since their money comes from corporate giants who seek to pull more and more out of the working class.

Then, Mr. Blodget says that the reason for corporate greed is that America has bought the line that corporations must do everything they can to increase shareholder value. And, again, he is absolutely correct. He says that this is capitalism’s law. Again…correct. Even more that just capitalism’s law. That line is American codified law. If a shareholder sues a corporation for not making enough money (broadly speaking), the corporation must show that they did what any other rational manager would in a similar circumstance. If the manager (or board) fails to provide that defense, they lose the argument and lawsuit. Thus, what Blodget calls a law is in fact the legal norm by which corporate entities, at least publicly held ones, are judged.

So, if you want to change the wages vs. GDP chart, the law must change. Any time you want to change something in America, look first to changing the law and seeking out how that can be accomplished.

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