For U.S. Money Reserve, The Customer Experience Is As Good As Gold

When dealing with precious metals, few companies can compare to U.S. Money Reserve, but their integrity and honesty in offering rare and new gold, silver, and platinum coins is just the beginning of a positive consumer experience. U.S. Money Reserve has just launched a new e-commerce coin catalogue that puts the user first and emphasizes a new approach to making each customer feel important and respected.

The new website,, has been designed to be more than a collection of the company’s offerings. The site shares more information about U.S. Money Reserve founder, Philip N. Diehl, who previously served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. Additionally, the new website offers greater information on the advantages to investing in government issued gold bullion.

Taking a different approach, U.S. Money Reserve isn’t just trying to make a sale to every customer, but, instead, is hoping to educate potential customers. By offering visitors a site that seeks to inform and entertain, U.S. Money Reserve hopes to bond with every site visitor and create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

“We now have a fully-responsive tool that allows us to generate quality content across all platforms, further interact with our clients, and of course, offer the world’s best precious metals products through our secure online storefront,” says VP of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan.

As a part of U.S. Money Reserve’s desire to improve the consumer experience, customers can sign up to receive a free gold information kit in addition to the valuable resources shared on the site’s Knowledge Center. The site provides customers and investors with detailed information about the coin minting and grading processes, as well as providing more on the key points of purchasing precious metals.

The online U.S. Money Reserve catalogue continues to expand its product listings as well, ensuring an ever evolving market for investors and collectors. In addition to coins, the company also offers gold and silver in bars and bullion, all made readily accessible through a policy of competitive pricing rates.

Under the guidance of Philip N. Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve can boast the honor of being the only gold company in the world to be led by a former U.S. Mint director. Mr. Diehl’s experience and knowledge of precious metals makes him uniquely qualified to offer the information and the products listed on the company’s newly revamped website.

If any doubt remains that U.S. Money Reserve takes its commitment to superior customer service seriously, one only needs look to the U.S. Money Reserve’s AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance.

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Credit Card Customers Suddenly Not Paying Their Cards

Signs in the economy would point to the idea that people in the United States should be doing pretty well. Unemployment is at a 16 year low and the stock market is at an all-time high according to Business Insider. Despite this, in the last two quarters Americans have not been paying on their credit cards as much as have in the past.


The charge offs on credit cards increase is the largest seen since 2009 during the beginning of the Great Recession. It is thus kind of quirky that these charge offs are happening at a time like this. It is possible to look at this and wonder if we are in fact headed for bad times once again or if Americans are simply not being responsible about paying off their cards like they should be.


Some suggest that the banks are lowering their standards for giving out credit cards. If the banks are in fact doing this, then it may be possible that there are just more people who are not credit worthy who are getting credit cards. That could be a reason why those charge offs have increased so greatly.


Until the last two quarters in the economy the credit card charge off rate and the unemployment rate were both near some of the lowest that they had been for the last decade. That was great news for consumers and anyone who cares about the American economy and how things are going within that economy.


It is concerning that there are people who are getting credit cards who clearly do not deserve them. This could mean that there are going to be more problems going forward with more debt that people cannot reasonably afford to pay off. That is one of the factors that caused the Great Recession in the first place, and it could be happening once again. Those charge off rates are very important to look at and the fact that they have increased so dramatically in recent times is concerning.


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Making Healthcare More Efficient

Healthcare impacts the lives of literally every person on the planet. This is why we pay so much attention to it and why we should in fact pay attention to it. If we can improve healthcare in any way we should take the opportunity to do just that. This is where the e-governe system comes in.


This system is used to help streamline certain processes that are currently in existence to make them work just a little better. When all of pieces of the health care puzzle are put together they tend to work better. It is just a matter of assembling them all so that they can communicate well and work. E-governe is the system used to make this happen.


What e-governe does is control and record the supply of medications and vaccines. It also monitors when patients should show up for certain exams based on their age, date of last exam, and medical history. It is an electronic system that tries to help predict things in healthcare and help make proper schedules according to those predictions.


Financial matters are also a part of this system. When healthcare is distributed so to speak someone has to pay for it. Booking all of these charges and billing individuals when necessary is all part of what e-governe is all about. It is basically an all-in-one system that just helps healthcare work better than it otherwise would.


The results from the use of this system have been nothing short of amazing. So far, governments have seen incredible cost savings as well as improved healthcare for patients.


Before the days of this system a lot of information could get lost somewhere in the middle. Municipalities would not communicate well with states who would not communicate well with the Federal government. Now, all of these levels of government can be in touch with one another as far as healthcare is concerned. They can work together to achieve better outcomes and save money.


The financial aspect of e-governe has been one of its strongest selling points. People just like it when something works the way it is supposed to and saves them money and effort as well. This is why more and more governments are clamoring for this particular system. They want to see the improvements that it makes in their healthcare system and they want to make that happen as soon as is humanly possible.

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Major Credit Card Changes Coming

Most credit card companies offer rewards to people who spend a certain amount of money each month. The credit card rewards are so alluring that you may be tempted to open up a new line of credit. However, on July 1, 2017, lenders will start cutting back on these rewards. This means that the credit card rewards may not be worth it.


There will be new regulations put in place next month. Lenders will bringing in less revenue because of these regulations. This means that there will be less rewards for customers. You have to be careful when you are agreeing to the terms of service when you get a new credit card because you probably will not be getting many rewards.


Lenders may still try to convince people that they can get rewards. However, if you read all of the terms and conditions, then you will find that you will be paying more in the long run. Many college students and parents wonder whether someone should get a credit card while they are in college.


National Debt Relief recommends that parents make their children an authorized credit card user on their account. This makes it easy for parents to keep track of their children’s credit card use. It will also teach young adults how to be financially-responsible.


If someone is an authorized user on your credit account, then they will have their own credit card. The card will have its own account number. This will make it easier for you to distinguish from the charges you make and the ones that the other user makes. Make sure that you review all of the charges at the end of the month.


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Credit Card Default Rates on the Rise

During the credit crisis about ten years ago, a variety of factors slowly led to the issues that caused a near collapse of the international economic system. While the rate of defaults on mortgages was one of the leading reasons for the credit crunch and crisis, other forms of debt were an issue as well. Another common form of debt that caused a lot of issues for people across the globe were credit cards. While the rate of credit card debt and defaults has fallen since the credit crisis, it appears that it is creeping back up (


According to a study that was put together by Moodys Investor Services, the rate of credit card defaults is increasing rapidly. According to the report, almost all credit card providers have a higher rate of defaults than they did just 12 months ago. The creditors with the highest rates of default are Synchrony Financial, Capital One, and First Bank of Omaha. All three of these lenders are now reporting that their average default rate is in excess of 4%, and each are up compared to the prior year. While this may seem low compared to the 20% interest rates on credit cards, a charge-off rate of this level could be very damaging.


While those three creditors are having issues with collections on credit cards, not all creditors are having the same issues. JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are each reporting default rates below 1%. The reason for the higher default rates at some lenders is likely attributed to having a different level of risk appetite. While Bank of American and Chase are likely to not approve a risky borrower, some lenders are still willing to do so, but will charge very high interest rates to compensate for the risk. In some situations this is a good trade-off, but in others a borrower could go completely into default and the lender could take on a loss.



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Andrew Rolfe has Seen Ubuntu Education Fund Serve More than 2,000 Poor Students

Andrew Rolfe is a renowned businessman and a public figure. He is the Head of Private Equity, USA, and the MD of TowerBrook. Rolfe sits on the Portfolio Committee as a member and the Chairman. He holds B.A. and M.B.A. from Oxford University and Harvard Business School respectively. Andrew Rolfe has held several senior positions in various companies which include Pret A Manger, PepsiCo Inc., Booker Foodservice, Booker PLC, and WH Smith PLC.

Andrew Rolfe has implemented successful strategies that make many international companies follow him. Andrew values honesty, and it is the primary reason he has been able to keep on scaling to higher ranks. His exemplary leadership skills have seen him win many awards and accolades. Due to his diligence and honesty, Andrew Rolfe got the appointment to lead Ubuntu Education Fund as he Chairperson.

Ubuntu Education Fund is an education sponsorship initiative with the aim of elevating the social standards of orphans in Elizabeth Port, South Africa. When this initiative was established, many didn’t believe that it would serve its purpose. However, with the able leadership of Andrew Rolfe as the chairman, the fund has assisted many poor students to get the university education for free. The fund ensures that each student gets the education fund from the cradle until he achieves his dream career. In return, the students return to their homes, work, and support their families.

Andrew Rolfe has been the backbone of this initiative ensuring that all commitments from various organizations are received and put into their proper use. According to the recent financial reports, it is clear that each concession and donations towards the success of this fund are utilized, and each cent accounted correctly. Andrew is a team player, a real leader, and a philanthropic person. Under Andrew’s leadership, the Ubuntu Education Fund has assisted more than 2,500 students and has brought household stability. Were it not for Andrew’s continued devotion and dedication to making this initiative a success; it would have proved impossible to bring together international organizations to participate in the donations.

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More Credit Cards Being Charged Off

More people are missing credit card payments. That is why many banks are writing off the losses. Credit card charge-offs are the highest that they have been since the 2009 recession. Fortunately, there are things that you can do if are dealing with unpaid credit card debt.


The first thing that you will need to do is stop using your credit card. You cannot pay off any credit card debt if you keep it adding more on. Hide your credit card in order to avoid impulse spending.


You will also need to pay down your debts in the right order. If you have several credit cards, then it is best for you to start by paying down with the highest interest rate first. After that, you will need to move onto the next one with a high interest rate.


Many banks will give you the option of skipping credit card payments. However, this is a trap that you will need to avoid. Interest will be added to the balance, which will keep you in debt much longer.


You can also make half payments every 14 days. If you do this, then you will be adding an extra payment at the end of the year. This can make it easier for you to get out of debt.


If you cannot do any of the aforementioned things, then you may want to enroll in a debt hardship program. This is a program that allows you to start a repayment program. The interest rate will be reduced. Fees may also be waived. However, the outstanding balance will remain the same.


Furthermore, you should not close your cards once you pay off your debt. You will be reducing your available credit, which will reduce your credit score.


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Many Subprime Borrowers Now Have Access to Credit Cards

A TransUnion report recently showed that more consumers are carrying credit cards, with nearly 171 million Americans having access to some type of credit card. The report by one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the U.S. also showed an additional 22 million Americans were able to use credit in the first quarter of 2017. The level is the highest it has been since 2010. According to Forbes, the rebound in credit card approvals is in large part due to lenders easing their qualification requirements.


In other credit card news, a new app is in circulation that stops consumers from spending too much when they are drunk. The app has a breathalyzer attached to a consumers credit cards, and users can set up the app by selecting a certain number of drinks they can consume before the cards require them to blow into the breathalyzer.


Big name box stores and retailers are making a big push to sign up consumers for credit cards when they checkout. The stores plan to offer steep discounts on the cards, which will make it hard for consumers to resist signing on the dotted line. However, store credit cards carry with them some of the highest interest rates and are often two times more than traditional credit cards offered by banks. The aggressive credit push highlights just how much retailers and big box stores are struggling against their major rival Amazon.



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Madison Street Capital Maintains Distressed Industry Reputation

***UPDATE JUNE 25th***

Madison Street Capital is a special financing company for middle market businesses based in Chicago, IL. The CEO of this company is Charles Botchway who’s been in investment banking as a career choice, and Ideamensch wanted to know more about Botchway’s ideas behind Madison Street Capital. Botchway said the idea came from a desire to cater to various corporate clients who needed special financing for big acquisitions, and he also wanted to divert his business strategy. He also believes a key to his success is having his lower level advisors give clients free pieces of advice that they might not get from any other investment bank, and that makes them want more of Madison Street Capital’s services.

The Madison Street Capital reputation has been solid over the years they’ve been in operation. Their services include handling some of the most complex transactions that corporations need to make. Larger mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often need financial and legal experts to conduct them, and Madison Street Capital is able to help them happen by cutting through the red tape. Madison Street Capital also covers business exit strategies for executives planning to sell their companies and sell-side and buy-side advisory services. The company caters to clients from the private sector in technology, healthcare, energy, manufacturing and logistics. They’ve helped several companies acquire capital for large facility openings.

In 2015 Madison Street Capital helped the Ford Health System in its partnership with Pearl Human Care Ltd. The project was part of their healthcare facility plan for Vellore, India and was able to be facilitated through Madison Street Capital’s financial team. The leaders of Pearl were surprised at how quickly the partnership and its project funding was able to be completed. Madison Street Capital also helped Ares Security Corporation undertake a minority recapitalization task just this last year which included obtaining debt-based capital from Corbel Partners. In 2017 they’ve won two awards for the “Turnaround Restructuring Deal of the Year” and “M&A Deal of the Year.”


Mergers and Acquisitions is a are critical decisions that the leadership responsible for the strategic management of every company is responsible to handle in order to best develop a road map to success for the company. These can be ‘friendly’ or ‘hostile’ in nature and generally bring about a lot of buzz in the affected industry when one occurs. The M & A Atlas Awards is a leading presentation highlighting the best of the best from the year past, and Madison Street Capital has taken the top spot for a restructuring deal of the year under $25 million for their work with the CEMD Elevator Corp. (dba City Elevator).


The two companies worked together in order to help City Elevator remain one of the leading independently-owned installers of new elevators throughout the New York City Area. The client also has a strong reputation for service, installation, and modernization across the broad spectrum of escalator and elevator products. Madison Street Capital helped setup a viable credit facility so that the company could continue to do great business in the three-dimensional city that is New York.


It should be an event full of fun and acclaim as experts gather at the 2017 Distressed Investing Summit in Palm Beach, Florida. A black tie gala will be the event of the night when these awards are presented, and there are other events to keep the over 200 leading professionals busy such as a Symposium and Closing Party. Madison Street Capital may well be honored by the award, but that deal is just one example of the great work that they have been doing in so many related areas. For example, the total number of hedge fund deals closed continues to increase from 32 in 2014 to 42 in 2015 keeping the firm going strong.


Now is a better time than ever for companies to analyze their business in order to determine whether signs of distress or becoming visible such that a cooperation with a company like Madison Street Capital might be in the best interest for all involved. Some of these warning signs include cash flow issues whereby unplanned loans or personal funds are called into play. Customer and employee turnover can be another telltale sign that there might be an internal problem that is keeping loyalty from becoming a strong presence within the organization. Madison Street Capital reputation experts are familiar with all of the aforementioned who can take things to the next level.

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The Amazing Rowing Team Of Orange Coast College

Daniel Amando is the captain of the rowing team at Orange Coast College. The team will be heading to the Nationals taking place at Lake Lanier in Georgia. The mental and physical assets of the team will be a determining factor in the competition.

Steve Morris is the men’s assistant coach at Orange Coast College. When Morris was a student he was coxswain for the rowing team. This placed him in the boat’s rear as the unofficial brain of the team. He yelled out necessary commands over the noise of the wind.

Ten students from Orange Coast College competed in the Olympics and rowing is a serious sport at the college. Many rowers had never lifted an oar before beginning college yet turned out to have amazing capabilities that made their coaches proud. Rowing has even helped some of the team’s members academically because of the discipline they learned and the friendships they made. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

When the school years begins approximately eight male students want to be a part of the crew. They devote twenty hours each week to train. By the time their blisters become calluses half of the men are gone. The expectations of the team are extremely high.

Orange Coast College will be in competition with forty schools comprised of students several years older and with more training. The outstanding oarsman of the year is John Kinnear. He is looking forward to facing the larger schools and finds satisfaction when a race is won due to teamwork. Read more: Orange Coast College | Twitter

Orange Coast College is a community college located in the United States in Orange County, California. The college was founded in 1947 and is also known as OCC. The first classes provided by OCC started in the fall of 1948. They provide two year associates degrees in science and art as well as certificates of achievement.

Orange Coast College offers lower division classes that are transferable to other universities and colleges. Approximately 24,000 undergraduate students enroll for classes each year. According to their population, OCC is the third biggest college in Orange County. Their actual location is in Costa Mesa, California roughly forty miles to the south of Los Angeles.

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