The Kabbalah Centre’s Supportive Teaching Ways

When it comes to education, students need more than a lecture. While it is good to give out a lot of information, a lecture can leave students vulnerable to missing a lot of the important lessons that are given to him. This is one of the reasons that there are efforts being made to improve on the method of educating the students. There are multiple ways to help people learn what they need to learn in order to move forward in their subject of choice. Some students require a more hands on and emphatic method of teaching in order for them to get the point across.

This is especially the type of education that is needed when it comes to spirituality, and The Kabbalah Centre provides this type of education to the students. One thing that is certain about this facility is that it is taught by people who have an understanding of what they are teaching. This is a large part of what makes them so effective as teachers. They have learned enough of the topic in order to make it their own. This is something that the students could achieve with the help of the instructors.

One of the main draws of the Kabbalah Centre is that it deals with all of the known world religions and treats them as if they are a part of a bigger picture. That way, people of all faiths can come together and share their knowledge. They provide instruction from kabbalistic texts which has been translated and published. That way, people can look at all that the school has to offer when it comes to spiritual enlightenment as well as understanding. The instructors of The Kabbalah Centre are very effective because they make sure that they provide the necessary support to the students.

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US Money Reserve’s New Approach

For a business to be successful, it must adopt new techniques which are going to beneficial to the overall success of the company. The United States Money Reserve has made a significant shift toward its business operations. It has launched a new e-commerce website. The principal aim of the platform is to encourage people to get more information about precious metals such as gold and silver before making purchases. With the new online catalog, it will be easy for the new interested customers to make an informed decision before they can buy online. Customers ought to consider getting more information regarding anything that interests them on this platform. The United States Reserve online catalog captures relevant information regarding precious metals that is issued by the state.



The e-commerce website is fully optimized to meet the needs of the online consumers. It is capable of enabling the customer to place an order through entering a credit card in one of the safest e-commerce payment platforms in the world. The customer can also browse through one of the world’s most user-friendly website. Good user experience was in mind while the site was being created. For this reason, the consumer ought to consider this platform so as to have an easier purchasing process of the precious. The principal objective of the launching the e-commerce website is to improve the face of the company online. The United States Money Reserve makes it known about its work and business operation to the masses through the platform. The e-commerce website enables the company to validates its position in the industry. The firm is the leader in the selling off the state issued precious metals.



The website is a reflection of the company through their leadership abilities in the finance industry and the precious metals markets. The new online catalog is an illustration of the core trust and its values. It also shows the commitment to issue the most adopted state’s gold which is not limited by compromise and security issues. According to the current president of the United States Money Reserve, Philip N Diehl, if a customer does not get an order delivered, he/she can lay a claim that will ensure that the product is delivered promptly. He continues to state that the new website is meant to bridge the educational gap that has existed. The website will educate the consumers on the benefits linked with the purchase of precious metals.

Learn more:,28.htm


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Andrew Rolfe; Eradicating Poverty Through Ubuntu Educational Fund

For a long time, Jacob Lief believed that his philanthropic efforts were improving lives of the impoverished. However, little did he know that the money did not impact the targeted population. For this reason, he imposed stringent measures on donors, specifically those who had premeditated how they spend the grants. He instead prioritized coming up with best methods of satisfying the intended targets, destitute children.

As a result of this measure, the Ubuntu Educational Fund spends a lesser budget with better achievements. A new model dubbed the ‘Ubuntu Model’ has been embraced, in which personalized plans are established for each unique child, a move that has increased the efficacy of the fund. The charity engages in humanitarian acts in South Africa.

Donors often give money with some necessary conditions; hence Jacob Lief’s case is peculiar. Some givers specify how they want their money to be spent while other want to be part and parcel of the fund’s management. While these affiliations may have positive influences, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Donors usually interfere with the operations of the charitable organizations, especially when incorporated to their executive boards, as they want to champion to their personal interests.

To avoid these inconsistencies, it is recommended that both parties meet upfront to iron out any differences. This will, in turn, result in smooth management if the funds and their intended purposes. Also, it will avert the high-profile negative headlines often associated with such fallouts.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of the Ubuntu Educational Fund, a position he has held for over a decade. In this role, Andrew Rolfe supervises the provision of basic needs and social amenities to poor kids living in the suburbs of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Under the exemplary leadership of Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu has made significant leaps towards achieving its ultimate goal, which is to eradicate poverty by educating underprivileged children.

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Andrew Rolfe Helping Ubuntu Education Fund to Change Lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping vulnerable children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After spending much of his time raising funds for non-profit charities, Jacob Lief realized many restrictions were imposed on the grants, making it hard to use the donations in programs that impact positively on people’s lives. For this reason, Lief decided to shun donations targeted to specific programs and launched Ubuntu Education Fund to help children escape poverty.

The Ubuntu organization works with family foundations that understand the pitfalls of strings attached donations to raise funds for running its activities. Utilizing its Ubuntu model, the non-profit firm creates uniquely designed health and education support plans for every child, which is aimed at bettering their future lives.

Finding unrestricted funding is very challenging; this has greatly reduced the size of the organization’s budget. However, financial constraints have not slowed down its efforts. The foundation prudently manages the available funds to attain its goals.

Donors use different tactics to influence how their contributions are used by non-profit entities. Some insist that the grants fund specific projects while others participate in managing operations of the charity. However, it can be beneficial having professionally experienced donors as board members. Andrew Rolfe is one of the donors providing able leadership to Ubuntu Education Fund. As the chairman of Board of Directors, Andrew Rolfe brings wealthy corporate skills and experience that is invaluable in driving the organization’s goal of transforming the lives of vulnerable children and orphans.

Since 2011, Andrew Rolfe has donated over $100, 000 to Ubuntu Education Fund. Mr. Rolfe holds a B.A in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He also graduated with an M.A. from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, which makes him a fit leader in managing donor funds.


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Tammy Mazzocco Puts in the Effort and Reaps the Good Results

Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate career as a secretary to several real estate companies. In the process, she learned a great deal about the business from the office and procedural aspects. In 1999 she made the decision to get into the selling side of the business because she reasoned that the financial opportunity was there for her.

In 1999, she joined forces with the Judy Gang Team at RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio. Judy was a close friend and a mentor to Tammy, and it was a natural move for Tammy to make. Since that time, Tammy has built a solid real estate practice that covers four Central Ohio counties. She is passionate about her work and loves the fact that she can be so helpful to families who are looking for the home of their dreams.

One thing that Tammy learned from her secretarial days was that she never saw a successful real estate agent who didn’t work at it. Showing homes to prospective buyers is the key to a successful real estate career, and that is where Tammy spends most of her time. She starts her day early and gets the busy work out of the way first. Things such as paperwork, email followups, and similar items are disposed of quickly. Then on to the telephone to set up her scheduling is the key.

Tammy likes the lead agencies such as Zillow and where the people writing in are very interested in seeing some houses. Those are followed up on quickly, even though 85 percent of Tammy’s new sales come from referrals and repeat business. Tammy works hard at finding what people want to see, and with a four-county area to work with there are plenty of choices.

One ethic that Tammy adheres to is to treat customers like she would want to be treated herself. She has great respect for a client’s time and investment. People know when you are respectful of their needs, and in many cases that is why they want to do business with you.

Tammy Mazzocco learned early in her sales career that it paid off not to take herself too seriously and that living with the fear of failure paid off. There are the little setbacks that feel like a failure, but they are overcome with more activity and a positive attitude.

Tammy loves her work and stays busy. As long as she is showing houses and working at getting appointments to show houses, the business is fun and very fulfilling.

Check out her Facebook account and Tumblr:

You can visit Google for more details about Tammy Mazzocco.

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Sheryl Underwood was a guest on the Steve Harvey show and gave some helpful information about Dherbs Cleanse. Dherbs Cleanse is a full body cleansing system that is designed to help you get rid of all of the built up toxins in your system. By using Dherbs Cleanse in conjunction with a healthy diet you will not only be removing toxic waste from your body but be helping you lose excess weight. A full body cleanse will help you feel more energetic and healthy. Sheryl also said that Dherbs recommends having a raw fruit and vegetable diet during the cleansing process in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Dherbs Cleanse products can be found on is your source for hight quality herbal all natural product that can enhance your health and well-being. They are safe and effective aids toward a healthier lifestyle. Dherbs products work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. In order to help you on your journey, they have added useful articles, tip, tricks, and recipes to their website to help you become more educated and offer more possibilities to your daily routine. is a user-friendly website that offers their products as well as plenty of other helpful links. If you are wanting to improve your healthy routine it is the place to go. Ultimately, however, Dherbs believes that every person knows what is best for their body and they encourage people to listen to their inner doctor when it comes to making decisions about their health and supplements and products that are meant to enhance their life.

Your Health is Your Wealth! Get Fit With These 5 Practices

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How Betsy DeVos Became A Renowned Reformer?

The young Elisabeth Prince, at Calvin College, undertook her vocation and became very much involved with politics inside the campus and become politically active since then. Mrs. DeVos since three decades has led different campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations, including six years as a Michigan Republican Party’s Chairman. The reforming trend runs in her family and 2006, Dick DeVos, her husband, was the nominee by Republican for Michigan’s Governor.

She is a chairman of a family foundation, and her charitable interests range extensively. She is also a member of many local and national boards, including Kids Hope USA, the DeVos Institute at the Kennedy Center, and the Foundation for Excellence. She is best known as a leading advocate for an educational choice movement. To that end, she also serves as chairman of American Federation for Children and also an Alliance for School Choice.

Well, I must say that I have seen a very few woman more optimistic than she is. Today there are around 250,000 students in different private choice, publicly funded programs in different states along with the District of Columbia. And because of her hard work, the growth is accelerating at a fast pace. Within last year, the students count in educational choice programs raised by 40,000. In 2012, public noticed new programs in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Louisiana, New Hampshire and Mississippi, and expanded programs in Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. She had the passion for philanthropy work since their childhood when she was a kid. She said that while she was studying she saw parents who were doing each and everything that is in their power to get quality children for their kids and that’s how she started to make a company that can support such families. And it was her husband, Dick DeVos, who stood by her side at that time and helped her with moral and financial support to fulfill her cause. During the 1990s, she served on the boards of national charities, the American Education Reform Council and Children First America.

Political involvement for Betsy DeVos has extended over more than three decades, starting with her time as a volunteer for President Gerald R. Ford in 1976. Betsy was also elected as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and not just for one but four times. Betsy and Dick DeVos founded Family Foundation in 1989 as a way for their philanthropy work. The foundation focuses on different causes that fit within the following categories: education, community, justice, arts, and leadership. Betsy along with her husband started the Wind Quest Group, where she served as Chairman. In 2010, after the encouragement, DeVos founded the West Michigan Academy for Aviation that is basically a public charter school that combines a mutual passion for education with her husband’s love of aviation. Check this related article from

I must say that she has had a very tough time for her philanthropy work, but she never stepped out. She always worked hard and very hard, and that was not for the benefit of herself but the youth of her nation so that they can be a better citizen and get the education what they deserve.

Visit Betsy’s profile on

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Thirty-One Year-Old Millionaire Shares His Favorite Personal Finance Book

Grant is the founder of Millennial Money. This is a personal finance company that helps millennials become financially independent. Even though Grant is now a millionaire, life has not always been easy for him. He was forced to move back home after college because he only had $2.26 in his bank account.


That was the turning point in Grant’s life. While he was looking for work, he began reading finance books on Amazon. He was inspired to start his own consulting company. He was able to become a millionaire in just five years.


Grant has read over 360 financial books. His favorite book is entitled “Your Money, Your Life”, which was written by Joe Dominquez and Vicki Robin. He stated that the book changed the way that he thought about saving and investing. He has managed to save half of the money that he has made during the past five years.


Even though Grant is financially-successful, he still understands the importance of living within your means. He has stated that investing is one of the keys to getting wealthy. You have to make the most of the money that you have.


Grant lives a very simple lifestyle. He still saves 40 to 50 percent of the money that he makes. He stated that one of the things that he learned from “Your Money, Your Life” is to think twice about the purchases that you make. You want to make sure that every purchase you make will be worth it in the long run.


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Credit Card Trends for 2017

The year 2016 was certainly auspicious for the credit card industry in the United States. With the Trump administration promising a series of economic stimulus plans, card issuers are hoping that these measures will boost consumer confidence among Americans.


Market analysts believe that card issuers will no longer offer the overly generous perks and special rewards programs of 2016. If anything, banks will try to appeal to a wider segment of consumers by sticking to basics. Here are a few trends to watch in 2017:


Interest Rates


The writing is on the wall with regard to higher interest rates. The Federal Reserve Bank already approved a rate hike before Trump took office, and it will likely do the same at least twice in 2017. What this means for cardholders is that they can expect to see increased competition in terms of card offers with lower rates and the offer to consolidate existing debt.


Subprime Credit Cards


Card offers for consumers with damaged credit scores will increase in 2017. Card issuers will still practice some level of risk management; however, this may change if the Trump administration resolves to reduce the oversight of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Overall, it may be easier to sign up for new credit offers in 2017.


Technology Features


Banks and card issuers are excited about the new developments in the area of fintech. Electronic wallets will become more common as payment networks figure out ways to integrate functions with smartphones and other mobile devices. One way that card issuers can entice consumers to use their smartphones more than their plastic credit cards would be to offer rewards and other perks.


In the end, 2017 will be a more favorable year for the credit card industry as long as the economy does not move in a negative direction.


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Credit Card and Finance Tips

Everyone’s looking to get out of debt these days, but there is conflicting information on how to go about doing it. The good news is that no matter what your circumstances are, there are some steps that you can take to reduce credit card debt and get your finances back on the right track. With a little planning, you can kiss your credit card debt good-bye and begin saving some serious cash.


Figure Out Your Debt

This might sound crazy, but many Americans don’t realize just how much debt they owe until they sit down and write it all out. The first part of getting out of debt is to write down every credit card balance, what the interest rate is for that card and the due date. Once you’ve made your list, begin working to pay off the smallest balances first. Working on one card at a time will give you a sense of accomplishment each one reaches a zero balance.


Freeing Up Funds

Once you have one or more credit card debts paid off, you should have some extra cash at the end of the month. What are you going to do with those freed up funds? Planning ahead can help you exponentially. There are two things you should be doing with that extra money. Either open a savings account and sock it away or use it to pay extra on another credit card. If you have more than one credit card with a balance, it might be wise to pay down any debts you have before you begin trying to save money. Interest fees can eat a whole right through your bank account.



After all of your debts have been paid, put away the credit cards and start saving. Having a savings account will ensure you no longer charge up any more debt because you’ll have the cash you need to make any major purchases.


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