Skout makes Dating Sites Interesting and Fun

Skout is a dating app that plays like a video game. This site is actually a social network site with the emphasis placed on dating and meeting people. Skout also emphasizes generalized user location which is technology that allows users to find other people in their area or places outside of their community. Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom first created Skout in 2007. They designed Skout as a mobile web social network by 2009 the two founders had redesigned the site for dating purposes. Skout operates on three platforms which includes Apple, Android and PC based systems. People should keep in mind that Skout was designed primarily for the mobile user.

What Separates Skout from other Dating Sites?

First off all Skout has features that are not similar to other dating sites. People sometimes have to earn points to meet other individuals and they might have to wait in line to get to someone who is really popular at the moment. This might seem like an inconvenience but it is not. Why? Because there are plenty of people that a user can get meet without having to earn points. However, this aspect of Skout is what helps to weed out people who probably are not worth a person’s time. People can treat their dating profile like a video game and have lots of fun while meeting new individuals.

What Features make Skout Unique?

In other words people can do more than just post pictures and write a couple of paragraphs on their about me page. For example, they can use the Shake Chat feature and start a conversation with someone new by shaking their device. Other features includes Passport which is a tool that allows users to meet people all over the world for a 24 hour period. There is also Feature Me which gives users the ability to be viewed and adored by all of the Skout community. People who use this features should put up their best photos since they will be on display. Users can even meet people in other cities with passport.

Chili peppers are used on user photos to indicate that they are hot people on Skout. Once a person gets a lot of likes and attention other people will quickly be informed about them. These are some of the many different features that Skout offers users make their experience more personal and fun while on the site.

Scout Security Features

Scout understands that online safety is a big issue for people who date. They make it a point to secure profile users and their data. Skout will keep people safe by keeping adults and teens separate and by quickly dealing with any type of allegations or issues that might arise with a particular member. Skout also monitors it site with other protocols to help weed out people who are using Skout for criminal activity.

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