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Shea Butter for Natural Winter Protection

  Shea butter is the top moisturizing ingredient that helps numerous users tackle winter with ease. It originates as a creamy-colored fatty substance released from the shea or karite nuts of specific trees found in East and West Africa.   … Continue reading

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Martin Lustgarten: An Investment Expert

UPDATE: January 30th, 2017— Martin Lustgarten has recently announced new plans for his investing future. Read below and follow Lustgarten on social media to stay up-t0-date. Investment Banking is a division of finance and business related to capital creation for … Continue reading

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The Kabbalah Centre Makes an Ancient Spiritual Tradition More Accessible

The modern world is filled with opportunity. Most people are well aware of the fact that they have a wealth of choices when it comes to career paths, education and physical health. At the same time though, many people aren’t … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve’s Rate Hike May Affect Credit Card Interest

It is expected that the Federal Reserve will soon announce the increase of federal funds by over 25 points. This means that there will be an increase of $25 per $1,000 of debt in the country. When the Federal reserve … Continue reading

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Selecting a Great Plumber | Sunny Plumbers

I always insist that you be very careful when looking for a plumber for your water, sewer and drainage systems. Sure, it is said that a plumber will save you money and time, give you peace of mind and also … Continue reading

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Terms that Can Be Negotiated with Credit Card Companies

The credit card industry has a general reputation for being tough on customers when it comes to negotiating terms. While the credit card companies can be hard to work with at times, a recent news article ( has pointed out … Continue reading

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Business Mogul Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a tech investor who has recently expanded his portfolio to real estate. He purchased three townhouses on Sullivan Street in the SoHo district. He invested in these townhouses in exchange of his current stake in a nearby … Continue reading

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Sunny Plumbers | A Leading Tucson Plumbing Company

If you are property owner, you know just how important it is to have a reliable plumber’s contact. A water emergency can arise at any time and given the health and safety concerns that this might pose, it is always … Continue reading

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Credit Card Rewards Potentially Maxed

Credit card providers have historically attempted to lure qualified users to open new accounts through significant cash back or travel rewards bonuses. While this technique has been successful in attracting new customers, the continued competition of credit card companies has … Continue reading

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Credit Card Rates Set to Increase

2016 was a very popular year for people looking to get new credit cards. Many credit card providers offered extremely high initial bonuses and lucrative cash-back programs to lure these consumers. While consumers have received a great promotion, many that … Continue reading

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