Jeffrey Schneider Achievements In The Alternative Investment Sector

If you are interested in investments, particularly in the alternative investments, you most likely have heard his name. For twenty years, he has dedicated his career and life in finding alternative investment options for his clients. For that, he has created a name and client base for himself. The founder of Ascendant Capital LLC is the brilliant investor that is being discussed in this article. In all these years working for Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney, he gathered skills and knowledge that he used to start off his business that focuses on what he loves and enjoys doing.

Ascendant Capital LLC is located in Austin and serves a large number of clients, including those in the service marketing industries, all seeking one thing, alternative investment ideas. In only four years running, under the leadership of Jeffrey Schneider the company has thirty employees and has raised close to a billion US dollars. The company works closely with brokers, private banks and registered investment advisors to assure their clients of the best services as they invest their money in projects.

Jeffry has studied the markets and the industry that he works in. he believes that the conventional ways that investors have been using over the past decades should be put on hold and the alternative investment options given a chance considering the volatility of the markets today. He guides the company in the purchase of businesses from real estate industry to those in technology. He embraces diversity and believes that it can save a company so much to diversify their operations and businesses.

Apart from being a great leader, he is also a lover of exercise. He writes and communicates to his team and the public the importance of keeping fit and consuming products that are suitable for our health. He has ran the iron man and half marathons He also enjoys life and what it has to offer. On holidays he travels extensively and enjoys visiting places he has never been before. A lesson that most successful entrepreneurs should learn as much as money is coming in and things are going well it is important to reward oneself and take some time off as it improves one creativity.

In addition to Ascendant Capital LLC, he has founded the Axiom Capital Management, Alternative Investments and Paradigm Global Advisors. All these companies work closely to provide their clients with advice on alternative investments. Up until now the Ascendant Capital LLC works as a branch of the Axiom Capital Management. Every once in a while, he spends time and donates a huge sum of money on charity organizations such as Gazelle Foundation and Camp Honey Creeks Summer Dream Program. All which are intended to bring change and impact a person’s life.

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