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YouTube’s Markiplier Teaches us a Personal Finance Lesson

An important part of financial planning is anticipating unexpected needs. That is why financial planners sometimes ask us questions like, “If you needed $100,000 a week from now, what would you do?” That question was answered pretty easily by YouTube … Continue reading

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London Faces Finance Fallout from Brexit

Last year, the UK shocked many observers by voting to exit the European Union. For months, analysts have speculated about the possible effects of the move. In Ireland, it seems, the effects are already being felt in the finance sector. … Continue reading

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Is Your Financial Advisor a Robot (Yet)?

Is human interaction an important part of the process of seeking financial advisors? For some consumers it is, but for some it is not. For those who are willing to forego that human element, there are exciting, new non-human ways … Continue reading

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The Dow Jones 20,000 Mark Doesn’t Mean Economic Or Financial Growth

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a new high, there is always an element of excitement that surrounds that financial feat. But the excitement is usually overblown. The stock is more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and America’s … Continue reading

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How Equities First US Can Help You in Achieving Your Goals

If you are unsure about how you may be able to obtain capital to fund whatever it is that you may be setting your goals for, then you may have been looking for a lender. At the same time, you … Continue reading

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How To Get A Loan With Bad Credit

You might struggle to get a loan if you have bad credit. However, there are many things that you can do in order to get the funding that you need. You may want to consider using a credit union. Many … Continue reading

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George Soros Funds Political Organizations that Reflects his Ideology

George Soros is one of the best democratic supporters within the United States. He started the Open Foundation Society during the late 70s. This particular democratic backing agency is what Soros’s uses to fund other groups that are helping to … Continue reading

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The UK Wants To Develop A New Trade Agreement With Trump

It’s no surprise that Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet with President Trump. The United Kingdom is up to its neck in financial and economic turmoil thanks to the Brexit vote. The financial and … Continue reading

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Manaira Shopping Mall’s Exclusive Service

Manaira Shopping is the biggest state-of-the-art shopping place that is based in Joao Pessoa city. The mall is owned by Roberto Santiago, who is recognized for his outstanding success in business. He always ensures that the place offers excellent services … Continue reading

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Americans Experiencing Insurmountable Debt Problems

An average of eight in ten Americans is in debt, with most of these people owing $15,000 or more in loans, credit cards and back payments. Debt problems can surface at any time in an individual’s life, making it difficult … Continue reading

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