Manaira Shopping Mall’s Exclusive Service

Manaira Shopping is the biggest state-of-the-art shopping place that is based in Joao Pessoa city. The mall is owned by Roberto Santiago, who is recognized for his outstanding success in business. He always ensures that the place offers excellent services that satisfy the varying needs of the people in the city. It provides unique facilities that offer entertainment, relaxation, and comfort. Manaira Shopping also has a delicious cuisine, unsurpassed sunset views, and superb beaches.

The main feature of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is the exceptional fun and entertainment that it offers. It consists of a lot of amenities such as ballrooms, electric amusement parks, movie theaters, and bowling. Its cinema hall is equipped with 3D rooms, VIP space, and a theater room for watching movies. It also offers extra services such as snacks, soft drinks, candy, and a bar. The electric amusement park is huge and has more than 200 entertaining machines.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping also has a gourmet space. It comprises of one of the city’s best steakhouses and a food court. They both offer delicious meals that can satisfy an individual’s cravings. The environment at the gourmet place is relaxing, and therefore, its can be a perfect place for families and friends to make memorable moments. The mall also has a seven-year-old concert hall that is located on its rooftop. It is known as the Domus Hall. The space is the biggest in Joao Pessoa. It is fitted with top-notch facilities such as air conditioners, soundproof walls, and excellent sound equipment. The hall has a maximum holding capacity of 4,000 seated people while it can also accommodate up to 10,000 standing people.

Roberto Santiago is a renowned business mogul who owns a lot of property in Brazil. He also owns another modern mall that is known as Mangeira Shopping. Roberto started being an active entrepreneur at Café Santa Rosa. He then established a cartonnage firm that majored in the manufacture of various decorative items. Santiago managed the cartonnage company for a couple of years before deciding to venture into other enterprises. Besides his business activities, he is a sportsperson and has won several championship trophies and medals in kart and motocross.

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