Watson and Crick Would be Proud

Someday, just like polio and many other diseases have been cured, there will, too, be a cure for cancer. The more innovative people get about dealing with cancer, and learning more about it, the more creative we are all going to get relative to an efficacious approach to cancer. In 1953, Watson and Crick discovered the DNA double-helix. Now Tempus is going to capitalize on that discovery and more information click here.

In recent decades, cancer treatment has been a “one size fits all” situation. A company called “Tempus” is changing that approach. This very dynamic data mining company is building a library of clinical and molecular data. This will be absolutely key in finding out if there is a DNA component to cancer, and also in finding a cure. The more scientists can isolate what genes are responsible, or what is happening with the plethora of factors the medical powers-that-be have collected on those with cancer over the years, the easier it will be to solve this puzzle.

Much like forensics, they can access volumes of data, and nowadays they can solve crimes that are 2 and 3 decades old because of strides in the way information is collected and stored. The same will go for cancer, and the more they can isolate certain variables, the issues that precipitate the development of cancer will become clear. Cancer is far too ubiquitous now, and for those that study this disease, with so many people in their data bank now, it would seem incomprehensible they are far from a cure. The work of Tempus and it’s co-founder and CEO, Eric Lefkosky, will likely lead to helping the entire medical community to this end.

Mr. Lefkosky, a Michigan Law graduate, previously co-founded the rather popular “Groupon.” In addition to his many ventures, he is quite philanthropic. Interestingly, rather than just donate to foundations, he created his own. The purpose is to support children in their educational and scientific pursuits. There might be no better pursuit than helping young minds develop scientifically, and domestically our science and math scores are still trailing the world, it is very generous to redirect some wealth to such a very worthy cause that ultimately can serve to strengthen the nation.

Eric Lefkosky may well be paving the path to curing cancer, either through his work that he does with Tempus, or in educating a young scientific mind, that without the support of his foundation, may not have otherwise been able to go on, get educated, and become that person that finds a cure for cancer and contact him.

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