Andrew Rolfe Helping Ubuntu Education Fund to Change Lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping vulnerable children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After spending much of his time raising funds for non-profit charities, Jacob Lief realized many restrictions were imposed on the grants, making it hard to use the donations in programs that impact positively on people’s lives. For this reason, Lief decided to shun donations targeted to specific programs and launched Ubuntu Education Fund to help children escape poverty.

The Ubuntu organization works with family foundations that understand the pitfalls of strings attached donations to raise funds for running its activities. Utilizing its Ubuntu model, the non-profit firm creates uniquely designed health and education support plans for every child, which is aimed at bettering their future lives.

Finding unrestricted funding is very challenging; this has greatly reduced the size of the organization’s budget. However, financial constraints have not slowed down its efforts. The foundation prudently manages the available funds to attain its goals.

Donors use different tactics to influence how their contributions are used by non-profit entities. Some insist that the grants fund specific projects while others participate in managing operations of the charity. However, it can be beneficial having professionally experienced donors as board members. Andrew Rolfe is one of the donors providing able leadership to Ubuntu Education Fund. As the chairman of Board of Directors, Andrew Rolfe brings wealthy corporate skills and experience that is invaluable in driving the organization’s goal of transforming the lives of vulnerable children and orphans.

Since 2011, Andrew Rolfe has donated over $100, 000 to Ubuntu Education Fund. Mr. Rolfe holds a B.A in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He also graduated with an M.A. from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, which makes him a fit leader in managing donor funds.


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