How Anthony Toma Helps Aspiring Actors and Models

As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of acting and modeling agency Nine9, Anthony Toma has helped thousands of people find careers in these fields. His agency is unique in the industry as it puts aspiring models and actors in contact with people in the industry who are hiring for roles and doesn’t collect a commission from their work. He first entered the industry in when he saw a franchise opportunity in a magazine at a grocery store. His first company expanded to 26 offices across the United States but ultimately failed as the business model wasn’t entirely workable. He then developed a new company in 2003 he called Coral Reef Productions, Inc. and changed its name to Nine9 a number of years ago.

One of the most exciting business trends that Anthony Toma has seen is that starting a new company doesn’t require a million dollars like it used to. The internet has enabled people to start with little to no money and find success. This evolution of the world of business has led to a great many products and services that have never been seen before and read full article.

Anthony Toma calls Nine9 an Unagency because it’s unique in the world of acting and modeling. His company represents the overwhelming number of people who don’t have an agent working for them. Nine9 has a website with cards featuring all of the people they have as clients. The company also uses cutting edge technology that can alert people 24/7 on their smartphones if their software finds a good match for them and upcoming casting calls and Nine9 of Facebook.

Another way Nine9 helps its clients is by holding monthly industry workshops. Also attending these workshops is industry leaders who make the decisions on who to hire for parts. Another way they help clients is by providing a talent evaluation process that picks out the clients best attributes and talents and what Nine9 knows.


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