How is Andrew Rolfe’s Ubuntu Fund Changing The World?

If you look at how non profits work you will find one string that attaches them all together: a noble purpose. The Ubuntu Education Fund’s noble purpose is to bring education to the poor, at risk, and vulnerable children of the Eastern Cape Province. Specifically, the Ubuntu Fund’s goal is to help out the children of Port Elizabeth who are in desperate need of a better chance at life. Jacob Lief founded the non profit and it has been his tireless work that has made the fund succeed thus far. Still, there is   approach to raising money without dealing with all of the strings that seem to keep benefactors from efficiently donating their money. The Ubuntu Model focuses on quality donations rather than quantity. Jacob Lief said it best, “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” This model has curtailed the amount of donations that the Ubuntu Model is receiving but it has increased the quality of those donations. This was a tough sell on the board but Andrew Rolfe’s leadership and understanding has been a key motivator.


In fact, since 2011 Andrew Rolfe has personally donated $100,000 to the Ubuntu Education Fund. His close-working relationship with Jacob Lief and the rest of the non profit has been invigorating what the fund is trying to accomplish. At first the switch to the Ubuntu Model was met with some resistance but now it seems like it will be the next big thing among non profits everywhere. Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund are seeing revitalized growth and a massively increased impact on their work in South Africa. Jacob Lief’s innovative model might just be the thing of the future.


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