Madison Street Capital Maintains Distressed Industry Reputation

***UPDATE JUNE 25th***

Madison Street Capital is a special financing company for middle market businesses based in Chicago, IL. The CEO of this company is Charles Botchway who’s been in investment banking as a career choice, and Ideamensch wanted to know more about Botchway’s ideas behind Madison Street Capital. Botchway said the idea came from a desire to cater to various corporate clients who needed special financing for big acquisitions, and he also wanted to divert his business strategy. He also believes a key to his success is having his lower level advisors give clients free pieces of advice that they might not get from any other investment bank, and that makes them want more of Madison Street Capital’s services.

The Madison Street Capital reputation has been solid over the years they’ve been in operation. Their services include handling some of the most complex transactions that corporations need to make. Larger mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often need financial and legal experts to conduct them, and Madison Street Capital is able to help them happen by cutting through the red tape. Madison Street Capital also covers business exit strategies for executives planning to sell their companies and sell-side and buy-side advisory services. The company caters to clients from the private sector in technology, healthcare, energy, manufacturing and logistics. They’ve helped several companies acquire capital for large facility openings.

In 2015 Madison Street Capital helped the Ford Health System in its partnership with Pearl Human Care Ltd. The project was part of their healthcare facility plan for Vellore, India and was able to be facilitated through Madison Street Capital’s financial team. The leaders of Pearl were surprised at how quickly the partnership and its project funding was able to be completed. Madison Street Capital also helped Ares Security Corporation undertake a minority recapitalization task just this last year which included obtaining debt-based capital from Corbel Partners. In 2017 they’ve won two awards for the “Turnaround Restructuring Deal of the Year” and “M&A Deal of the Year.”


Mergers and Acquisitions is a are critical decisions that the leadership responsible for the strategic management of every company is responsible to handle in order to best develop a road map to success for the company. These can be ‘friendly’ or ‘hostile’ in nature and generally bring about a lot of buzz in the affected industry when one occurs. The M & A Atlas Awards is a leading presentation highlighting the best of the best from the year past, and Madison Street Capital has taken the top spot for a restructuring deal of the year under $25 million for their work with the CEMD Elevator Corp. (dba City Elevator).


The two companies worked together in order to help City Elevator remain one of the leading independently-owned installers of new elevators throughout the New York City Area. The client also has a strong reputation for service, installation, and modernization across the broad spectrum of escalator and elevator products. Madison Street Capital helped setup a viable credit facility so that the company could continue to do great business in the three-dimensional city that is New York.


It should be an event full of fun and acclaim as experts gather at the 2017 Distressed Investing Summit in Palm Beach, Florida. A black tie gala will be the event of the night when these awards are presented, and there are other events to keep the over 200 leading professionals busy such as a Symposium and Closing Party. Madison Street Capital may well be honored by the award, but that deal is just one example of the great work that they have been doing in so many related areas. For example, the total number of hedge fund deals closed continues to increase from 32 in 2014 to 42 in 2015 keeping the firm going strong.


Now is a better time than ever for companies to analyze their business in order to determine whether signs of distress or becoming visible such that a cooperation with a company like Madison Street Capital might be in the best interest for all involved. Some of these warning signs include cash flow issues whereby unplanned loans or personal funds are called into play. Customer and employee turnover can be another telltale sign that there might be an internal problem that is keeping loyalty from becoming a strong presence within the organization. Madison Street Capital reputation experts are familiar with all of the aforementioned who can take things to the next level.

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