Improved Sanitation Levels Are the Subject of Brazilian Concessions: Felipe Montoro Jens

The Brazilian government has announced their plans for a massive concession for improving the sanitation at a most basic level. The Government concessions have been supported by the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) as well as other important organizations like Trata Brazil, for example.


According to Edison Carlos, CEO of Trata Brazil, the plan to proceed will only be carried out after there have been some important adjustments made in the administration, resource allocation and overall structure of the current system. According to the expert on infrastructure, Felipe Montoro Jens, there is a great tendency toward waste in the current system is another aspect that will need to be addressed.


Edison Carlos mentioned that 90% of the Brazilian public receives full basic sanitation services from public power works. 60% of these are government owned state organizations. He goes on to say that the presence of the private sector is no reason for the state-owned organizations to work in together as complementary parties working toward a shared goal. He ended by saying that the state companies have much they can learn from the well-appointed companies working in the private sector.


Felipe Montoro Jens also mentioned that this could be the best way to address the unfortunate waste that is causing so much financial stress in the current system. Felipe Montoro Jens has plenty of experience in the fields of infrastructure and has applied this to improving the chances for this large project. At the time of writing, Mr. Jens is the acting Chief of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.


From serving as the Director of Santo Ant├┤nio Energia S.A. to his former position as the Chief Executive Officer of His company Properties, Mr. Jens has the skills and experience to address this and produce a proper solution


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