Greg Secker Starts Knowledge to Action to Educate Traders on the Market Trends

Greg Secker was born in 1975. The English businessman has received positive public recognition through his mastery in foreign exchange. CEOCFO recently interviewed Secker. The interview highlighted the journey of his businesses from the establishment of the first business to his involvement in international trading. In the interview, Secker explains that his passion and determination set him apart as a dedicated trader who has developed educative platforms for foreign exchange.


Greg Secker is a passionate entrepreneur who opens up to various challenges. He never shuts down an opportunity however difficult the situation may be. Being visionary, he takes up all types of challenges and then uses the challenges to developing an initiative. Greg mentions that his Flying Trader Initiative began from his passion for establishing a platform that would help traders in earning maximum yields. Asked where the idea of finance came from after he majored in agriculture. Greg Secker said that as a student in University, he sold computers. Through that business, Secker learned how to code in addition to other computer programs. He ended up becoming a geek and nerd who understood computer systems.


In the same school did he build an interactive model of 3D. This is how he started talking to the management of Thomas Cook Financial. Because the company adored computers, Greg Secker landed a working position in the firm. He worked in the currency department. Greg built Virtual Trading Desk. This platform became the first currency online platform for trading. That marked the beginning of Greg’s career in online currency trading. He garnered extensive knowledge on the subject by interacting with established traders.

Knowledge to Action

Greg Secker has established many finance startups like Knowledge to Action. Through this foundation, he controls trading programs aimed at assisting private investors. The organization has a chain of free seminars designed to facilitating trading knowledge. His lessons include undervalued stocks, the strategies for joining as well as exiting the market less dramatically. Greg Secker shares his knowledge and ideas on trading. He is committed to educating the community on the benefits of investing in foreign exchange.

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