Amicus Therapeutics Is a Widely Known Biotechnology Firm

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. is a widely recognized biopharmaceutical firm that runs out of Cranbury, a Middlesex County, New Jersey township. It was established back in the winter of 2002. Amicus Therapeutics is a company that concentrates on biotechnology. It specializes in innovative therapies that are designed to manage all types of severe orphan and rare diseases. The team at Amicus Therapeutics pays significant attention to all varieties of human genetic disorders. John F. Crowley serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman of this company. He’s an alumnus of Harvard University, Notre Dame Law School and Georgetown University. The talented senior management staff at Amicus Therapeutics includes a number of other hard-working and experienced professionals as well. These numerous professionals include CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Chip Baird, COO (Chief Operating Officer) and President Bradley L. Campbell, international Senior Vice President Daphne Quimi and Chief Medical Officer Jay A. Barth. (Yahoo Finance)

The main goal at Amicus Therapeutics is relatively clear-cut and straightforward. This company’s team members are motivated by the desire to heal others. They strive to do positive things for people who have orphan and rare diseases of all kinds. They strive to make innovations that can help improve their daily lifestyles significantly.

This public company zeros in on all types of disorders that affect human beings in this world. Examples of these diseases include EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa), Pompe disease and Fabry disease. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a connective skin condition that’s genetic.

Amicus Therapeutics gives people access to a broad assortment of in-depth programs that relate to orphan and rare diseases. The firm has a program that revolves around Pompe disease. It has another that revolves around Fabry disease. It has one that centers around EB. It even has a program that’s suitable for people who want to know more about preclinical matters.

Amicus Therapeutics’ corporate head office, as indicated before, is in New Jersey. Its global head office, on the other hand, is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom. It also has offices in Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany.
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