Felipe Montoro Jens insights on how concessions in the Brazilian Sanitation industry Can Make a Difference

Governments are the number one provider of basic services in any economy. Regardless of how much effort they put into this commitment it still needs helps to accomplish it all. Thanks to this realization, the Brazilian government has announced its plan of making concessions through by collaborating with the private sector, BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development), in order to achieve some milestones in the sanitation industry. Discussing this news, Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlo, Trata Brasil’s President had some few observations to make.


According to Edison Carlo, after being involved for some time in action based sanitation works he believes that the services being planned to be provided by the private partnership needs to undergo improvements in structural and management. He also believes that the public sector needs to be involved in the decision-making. For Mr. Edison the public sector has played a big role in the sanitation sector in the economy with at least 70% of all the sanitation duties being done by them. Therefore the introduction of private partnership needs not to be an excuse for the elimination of the public sector, rather the two players should work in complementary of each other to leverage the sanitation sector.


Felipe Montoro Jens on the other hand noted that water loss is one of the greatest impediments of quality service delivery in this sector. According to him, the loss in water results to huge financial losses for the public sector. With the resources in possession by the private sector, Edison notes that this situation can be salvaged and the community benefit.


From the discussion, it is clear that both Edison and Felipe agree of the importance of private partnership in the sanitation industry, however the former insists that alignment of thought and vision needs to come first.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro Jens is the current CEO at Energi Pr Captacao S.A. Mr. Felipe is known for his active role in private and public partnerships in the Brazilian economy. In addition to his experience, Felipe Montoro is well educated and holds a business administration degree from Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV) and a postgraduate degree in International management.

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