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Daniel Mark Harrison Brings Innovation to Crowdfunding

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are picking up prominence at a quick rate. One guarantor, Monkey Capital, was the first organization to trade ICOs. This was in July 2017, and was accomplished under the direction of Daniel Mark Harrison, among different … Continue reading

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Maximizing Success With A Brand Like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Entrepreneurs have a special challenge that they have to deal with. They have to find a way to succeed. One of the best ways to succeed is by finding something that brings forth the most passion. Entrepreneurs who find something … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago has invested in a lot of things for the Maniara Mall and he has even had a career as a writer at one time. In time, however, he has proven that people love to shop and they love … Continue reading

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Dr. Clay Siegall Helps To Promote Innovation In The Field Of Medicine

Many great scientists have researched on the most suitable cancer drug for treating cancer, but the most significant impact in the course of trying to find a cure was felt upon Dr. Clay Siegall’s entry into the field of medicine. … Continue reading

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Bob Reina Altering Marketing Industry

There is a new solution for marketing. The new trend is video marketing. The trend is growing faster than anticipated. Bob Reina is among the individuals who are accelerating the new change. Reina has written much about video marketing, for … Continue reading

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Daniel Taub: a Legacy of Building Bridges between Nations

Growing up in the United Kingdom, the country in which he was also born, Daniel Taub took his secondary education at Hertfordshire’s Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. He went on to attend London University College, Harvard University, and Oxford University College. … Continue reading

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Diversity is Still a Rarity

It has been known for a long time that businesses that employ people from diverse backgrounds perform better. It is not magic or any other mysterious reason behind this. The reason is quite simple. The more diverse the workforce the … Continue reading

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Betsy Devos Putting Public Back In Schools

Betsy Devos is the eleventh Secretary of the US Department of Education under President Donald Trump. She was confirmed to this position in February 2017 in a close chamber vote by the United States Senate. Devos is a strong advocate … Continue reading

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Equity First Holding Non-purpose Loan a Tailor Made Lending Solutions for High Network Individuals

Equity First Holdings, a company that was founded in 2012, specializing in investment and financial services such as shareholder financing has continued to thrive. This is attributed to high-level transactions that the financial institutions have been expediting, as well as … Continue reading

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Jeremy Goldstein showing companies other options instead of stock options

Companies world-wide are beginning to stop offering employees stock options for a variety of reasons, besides finances. Value of the stock can drop at an instant causing employees not be able to exercise their options. Employees have also been concerned … Continue reading

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