The History and Exceptional Services of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has added five new offices across the globe to provide better service to their clients. This elevates the company to a new global level. The company has established their headquarters in the United Kingdom and has completed in excess of 700 transactions and more information click here.

A press release in May of 2017 confirmed all shares that were used as collateral for the Paysafe Group PLC have been returned. This fulfilled the loan agreement between the Paysafe Group PLC and Equities First Holdings. The agreement was reached in March of 2014 and Mr. Joel Leonoff as Paysafe’s Group Chief Executive has fully repaid the loan. This is merely one in a long list of loans provided by Equities First Holdings since their establishment in 2013. Their very first agreement was with the Angle PLC company and this loan was terminated in 2016. Equities First Holdings has numerous ongoing transactions listed in their books. The companies growth and progress are both exceptional.

The United States location of Equities First Holdings has just reached their fifteenth anniversary. The number of transactions the company has successfully completed is a source of pride. More than $1 billion has been delivered to their customers in the last four years and there are now nine locations in the United States. Equity First Holdings success is due to the investment model the company uses that is capable of understanding the cycles of the business market. Their track record is incredibly successful and the company has stated they live and breathe equities. Equities First Holdings is authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority. All of the transactions completed by the company are non-recourse and according to their annual return there are no secretaries employed by the company and only five active directors and Equities First Holding’s lacrosse camp.

Equities First Holdings is a company based on lending services and securities. Their services are provided to both individual investors and businesses. They use future performance and risk factors to determine the evaluation of their loans. Their specialties include treasuries, bonds, and stocks and they opened their doors in 2002 and learn more about Equities First.

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