Three College Students Birthed the Idea of Sweetgreen

Nathaniel and his two college friends Jonathan and Nicholas did not look for jobs after campus. They were not in the lot that makes resumes and sends in companies for employment. In their last semester at Georgetown University, the three friends had already identified the fact that they wanted to start a restaurant that would offer healthy foods to the community.

The desire was birthed when the three noticed a gap in the market where healthy eating options were concerned. Often, they would look for joints that would be fun easy and healthy to eat dinner, but they would hardly find any. One day they noticed the tavern at M-street that they thought could be used for the healthy eating joint. However, they had a hard time convincing the landlord to let it to them.

The first day when Nathaniel called him with the idea, the landlord hung up the phone on him. However, Nathaniel and his three friends never gave up; they continued calling him daily for three consecutive months.

The landlord never picked their phones but when he finally did; he agreed to meet them face to face. The three came up with a three-page business plan that was not very detailed and wore formal clothes to look serious to the landlord during the meeting. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Upon listening to the three friends, the landlord saw some potential and asked them to look for an architect and investors who would help them in the venture. He also asked them to see him again when they had developed a comprehensive business plan.

Three weeks later, the three had investors, an architect as well as an appropriate plan. Looking back, the three know that it took a higher hand for them to win the opportunity as they had hardly cleared campus at the time the landlord gave them the lease.

However, they have experienced tremendous success as Sweetgreen is now a chain that is in many States in America such as Philadelphia, New York, Washington among other places. Moreover, It attracts customers from all walks of life. Clients say that they love the originality and authenticity offered by the venture. They also appreciate how Sweetgreen challenges the norm.

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru pursued a Bachelor of Business in Finance at Georgetown University. He graduated in 2007 and immediately headed to the Sweetgreen Restaurant, which he had just co-founded with his three friends. Nathaniel makes the customers the center of attention at Sweetgreen.

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