Fantasy Football Rankings and Improvements by Will Rodebaugh

Michael Wenrich is a fantasy football rankings expert. In his article, he predicts that Wide Receiver and Steelers player Martavis Bryant can rank as top Wide Receiver outside the Ballers Consensus. Wenrich believes the player can get higher fantasy football rankings if he doesn’t miss any more games from things like failed drug tests. Also, he believes Bryant should improve his football mechanics, like increasing his current catch rate of 56%. Also, he needs to score more than 10 touchdowns in a season. His full fantasy football rankings are now WR34.

Fantasy Football rankings allow us to determine which player stands out the best on a team. For example, it highlights the most touchdowns and receptions. We can also look at rankings that are low at present, but might have been high before, like would be seen with a player coming back from weeks of suspension.

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