The Persistence of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago has invested in a lot of things for the Maniara Mall and he has even had a career as a writer at one time. In time, however, he has proven that people love to shop and they love to do an assortment of other things all within the same area. That may be the reason why the Maniara Mall is his most successful investment does far.

This is a mall that he put a lot of time into. He has created a great way for people to become much more involved in the process of fulfilling their shopping needs in the mall that he created. The Maniara Mall has become one of the places that people love to shop because it is incredibly large. People cannot find a better place to shop and engage in socializing with their friends. This is a mall that has a little bit of everything, and consumers are very impressed with the way that they can shop, eat, bowl, engage in socializing all within one mall. This is exactly what people wanted to see when they decided that they would take interest in an all-inclusive shopping environment.


Roberto Santiago may not have known this precisely, but he did have a vision for this early on. It may have been hard to envision how he would bring everything into place, but somehow he has help people take a greater look at his Maniara Mall environment. He has changed the course of shopping for consumers that just cannot go to a shopping environment and do one thing. Most consumers are interested in engaging in a multitude of different things. This is why the Maniara Mall has become such a great adventure for the tourists that have taken time to see what this shopping center offers. People are pleased with what Roberto Santiago has created, and they are going to seriously appreciate the type of impressive shops that continue to grow from the original vision that he created.


Santiago has become successful in real estate in Brazil because he has been persistent. It is certain that no one would have expected the Maniara Mall to become as big and extravagant as it is. In other words, many people may not have believed in the original vision that Santiago brought to potential investors in 1989. It is very possible that people may not have ever seen the Maniara Mall come into existence if Roberto Santiago was not as persistent as he has been over the years. This mall exist in Latin America because Roberto Santiago had a desire to see his vision through. He wanted to do something grand, and he was willing to take the risk.


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