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Talkspace is a platform that provides mental health counseling to people instantly. The fact is that most people are more connected to their mobile device than to the people that are around them. Talkspace is an application that is tapping … Continue reading

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Michel Terpins, Brazil’s Most Renown Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is a renowned Brazilian Rally driver. He is the brother of Rodrigo Terpins, another famous rally driver from Brazil. Michel is credited as being one of the best rally drivers and has participated and won most of the … Continue reading

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Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

The U.S. is a credit card loving country. We use credit cards to pay for everything from groceries to gas to cell phone bills. One of the ways to earn free points (can be redeemed for hotels, airfares, or cold … Continue reading

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How Cassio Audi Helped Pioneer The Brazilian Rock Industry

Cassio Audi is one of the famed financial investors in the Brazilian economy. Despite living a quiet life away from the limelight, this professional is one of the founding members of the Brazilian rock industry. Cassio Audi teamed up with … Continue reading

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Why Millennials Need A Credit Card Even If They Are Living With Their Parents

More young adults are living at home. In fact, it is estimated that 32 percent of adults who are between the ages of 18 and 34 live at home. Living at home may be the right option if you have … Continue reading

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Half Of Millennials Do Not Know The Interest Rate On Their Credit Card

Many Millennials rely on the plastic to make their purchases. However, some of them do not even know the interest rate. There was a survey taken by the LendEdu. Forty-five percent of the respondents stated that they did not know … Continue reading

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Ted Bauman Achievements

     Mr. Ted Bauman is the Chief Editor of The Bauman, and Also Plan B-Club plus Alpha Inventory Warn in Banyan Hill Publishing. He also joined the business in September 2013 and focuses primarily on asset protection, solitude and worldwide … Continue reading

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3 Common Financial Mistakes People Make While Traveling

Here are three most common financial mistakes people make while traveling. 1. Bringing Too Many Credit Cards When traveling, you may want to carry several credit cards in case of an emergency. However, the problem with bringing too many credit … Continue reading

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Expenses You Should Never Put On A Credit Card

Credit cards make it easy to make purchases. If you have something that you need to buy, then the only thing that you have to do is whip out a piece of plastic. However, there are certain things that you … Continue reading

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Life-Extending Coffee Study Is More Impressive Than Most

If you want to enjoy an 18% lower chance of dying, then it might be a good idea to enjoy two to three cups of coffee per day. That’s what researchers have concluded after looking at mountains of data on … Continue reading

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