Aloha Construction is on the Rise

Aloha Construction is a company that started only a few years ago. However, it has grown to be the largest construction companies in Illinois. Aloha only takes on customers from Wisconsin and Illinois. Aloha always has an overflow of customers. Aloha Construction has worked on approximately 10,000 projects since its birth. These projects consist of roofing and siding. Aloha has worked for private business, municipal buildings, and private homes. Aloha is planning on reaching 20,000 projects by the end of winter.

Aloha uses the best tools for every job. They also purchase the newest technologically advanced machinery on the construction market. Aloha has an entire staff for every phase of the job. For example, after the initial call, two professionals will come out to examine the job. These professionals will give the customer an actual price instead of an estimate. If the job goes over the amount given, Aloha is responsible for that.

Aloha is a company that takes pride in its customers. Even after a job is completed, Aloha delivers a courtesy call to every customer every 30 days for a year. If there is any type of issue, Aloha will take care of the issue immediately and read full article.

Aloha specializes in fixing old roofs, installing new roofs, and vinyl siding. Aloha is known for getting every job done quickly and efficiently. Aloha is currently looking for new employees to join their team. Jobs are open in areas such as customer service, personnel department, and machinery. Anyone interested in working for Aloha should fill out an application on their website. All applications are reviewed within one week. Aloha offers countless benefits to its employees. These benefits include great pay, paid time-off, health benefits, a 401K plan, and much more. Aloha expands more every day, so more jobs will be offered to the community in the near future. It would be best to check the Aloha website for daily updates to the job board and Aloha’s Linkedin.

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