What You Need To Know About The Uber Credit Card

Do you use Uber a lot? If so, then you will be happy to know that you can use an Uber credit card now. You can sign up for the Uber credit card on November 2, 2017. You will be able to get cash back when you use your credit card to pay for Uber. You will also get a 2 percent cash back when make an online purchase.

Additionally, you will get a 4 percent cashback on restaurant purchases and a 3 percent cash back on hotel and airfare expenses. This is comparable to other credit cards.

If you spend $500 within 90 days of getting your credit card, then you will get 10,000 points. This is equivalent to $100. You can get $50 credit for digital subscriptions when you spend $5,000 in one year. This includes Netflix and Spotify.

You can redeem your points for gift cards, Uber credits and statement credits. A statement credit is equivalent to cash. For example, if you spend $20 at a restaurant and have a $5 statement credit, then you can get your meal for $15.

It is important for you to read the fine print before you get any credit card. The interest rate can range from 15.99 to 24.74 percent. It depends on your credit score. You should pay your balance in full in order to reap the benefits of a credit card. You should also compare the Uber credit card to the other credit cards that you have.

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