The position of Talos Energy in Mining

Recently, there have been too many developments on energy companies as each is trying to become better against their competitors. The completion can be said to have impacted a significant progress to the companies as each has tried to become more focused on producing quality products to their customers.

In a recent listing, Talos energy was named as among the top companies of the time that has focused on offshore exploration and production. The company’s success has all been contributed by the commitment of its staff in acquiring and exploring new opportunities along Gulf coast of Mexico regions. Among the key emphasis that the company’s management has been applying include asset optimization, exploration, and exploitation.

The company that lies in a gross area of 33,000 square miles has gained its success through the proper utilization of technology. Talos has proved its production capability by maintaining a production reserve of over 100 million BOE annually. Its production rate of 30,000 BOE is also very promising at giving the company a profitable interest.

Among the key developments that the company has made include the company’s expansion during 2015. It is during this period that the company was in a position to leverage both it is operational and technical expertise in the Gulf of Mexico. In line with this, the company has been in a position to expand acreage position. This step has helped them increase their exploration into the shallow water along the Coast of Mexico.

The company is currently headed by Tim Duncan who is acting as both the president and the CEO. After their previous oil and gas discovery, Tim regarded the step as a great encouragement to the entire team working with Talos. He said through the realization of the asset with a combination of their high cash flowing, oil-weighted assets and a talented team of professionals it will leave the company in a better position, therefore, helping it in building its significance.

The company has its main headquarters in Houston and works as a portfolio company with funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management. Unlike other offshore energy companies, Talos has been key in the provision of development solutions and other key fields and services related to energy markets.

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