Not Using Credit Cards Is Something Difficult To Convince People To Do

Would you look at that, a lot of people have an emotional attachment to the little pieces of plastic that they carry around with them in their wallets everywhere they go. I am talking of course about credit cards. It seems that no matter what, people just like to cling onto those cards for those “just in case” emergencies. All too often though, those emergencies turn out not to be a dire situation at all.

Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial guru with an award winning radio program, urges people to get rid of their credit card debt and ditch the credit card lifestyle. His path has been called radical by some he tells the Knoxville News Sentinel, but that does not stop him from continuing to be a crusader for what he knows is financially sound.

It is incredibly difficult to convince people that they really do not need credit cards says Ramsey. They simply do not want to believe that. They have often been so drawn in by the advertising that they do not think that they can survive without a credit card. Of course, the truth is that they most certainly can.

Getting rid of credit card debt and living debt-free is incredibly liberating for those who have made it to that point. The last thing that they should want to do after all of that is go right back into the debt situation from where they emerged. As such, Ramsey says that it is time to cut the cords on those credit cards and be done with them.

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