Bitflyer Will Open Branch In New York and Other States

Bitflyer is launching in the United States. It will be operating in New York and 40 other states. They have achieved a license to operate in those states. Bitflyer is based in Japan. The Japanese government has been the friendliest to Bitcoin. It will be the 4th Bitcoin exchange company to get a license to operate in New York. They plan to offer 0% trading fees through the end of the year.

The Japanese government, as mentioned above, has been very friendly to Bitcoin trading. In fact, 60% of all of its current trading is made in Japanese Yen. Bitflyer operates 80% of all the Japanese Yen vs Bitcoin trading.

There are three other smaller Bitcoin exchange companies that have a BitLicense in New York. Bitflyer also plans on adding trading opportunities for other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. Bitflyer has raised over 36 million dollars in venture capital. Coinbase is the largest Bitcoin exchange platform in the United States and has raised well over 217 million dollars. Bitcoin is the latest craze, with many people jumping into Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized, meaning that it is open source and not operated or owned by a certain individual or bank. Bitcoin can be traded, or it can be used as a currency in online transactions. Many people are investing in Bitcoin, hoping that the value of Bitcoin will go up and they will make a return on investment by trading other currencies against Bitcoin.

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