Diamond Dew Kisses Your Eyelids For A Perfect Look By Lime Crime

Like dew on the morning flowers basking in the early morning sunlight, Lime Crime has released their own dew to be enjoyed by those who love makeup. For Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere, she has spent much of her time perfecting the various makeup choices within the beauty line. Recently the new addition to her line, Lime Crime Dew had been first used as a lip cover and when the lip color turned out to be a hit, they opted to create a eyeshadow version.

The new super foil shadows are all the buzz right now. What started out as a simple trend for the brand as lip cover, the new Diamond Dew Eyeshadows are making appearances all over the world. The eyeshadow is sold in a tear drop shape bottle which flows with the brand name Diamond Dew. The drops of dew found on the morning flowers is what helped to create the market appearance for the brand.

What was started as simply being a tease to those followers on Instagram, Lime Crime has shown that the presence of the eyeshadow is being seen all across the world by makeup lovers who love the glittery appearance and with names of Diamond Dew like Pixie and Starlight.

The new Lime Crime beauty products was released to the public on November 14th, 2017. The cost of the Diamond Dew is close to $20 per bottle while you can purchase the whole collection for a set price as well. If you are looking to match the new glittery eye shadow to other beauty products, Lime Crime has recently released a number of hair dye’s that come in a variety of shades.

The new hair dye which is temporary can be mixed with any of the 8 various pastel choices among shoppers and beauty product lovers. The product line is creating quite the stir by releasing colors that fit your mood or that fit the occasion. What is known to beauty lovers as a Dark Unicorn collection, they offer a variety of deep colors aimed at establishing a hair color for brunettes. Now blondes are not the only ones who can have fun.

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