Google Finance Gets New Look

Google has now added a finance tab to their search engine. This allows users to quickly and easily catch up on financial news. The finance tab will be similar to the images and news tabs that let you search Google for images and news.

The new finance tab gives user similar services that Google Finance already offers. There will be a market summary with news about stocks and other financial happenings. There will be recommendations for new stocks to start following. You will also be able to search Google by using sub-tabs such as Your Stocks, Local Stocks, and World Stocks. You will also be able to set up alerts for certain stocks.

This new tab will be available in the “more” section when you search for something related to finance on Google. However, not everyone has this feature yet.

In addition, Google has entirely revamped their Google Finance website. The old Google Finance website looked like it was designed many years ago, because it was. It used Adobe Flash, which is also outdated. However, the new Google Finance website is up to date and has a modern look. Some features have been cut out, including the ability to download portfolio and historical data. However, you can still view all the main features, such as financial news and market summaries. You can follow stocks that you are interested in, including local and world stocks. It also gives you news and information based on your previous searches.

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