AGORA Financial, the Investment Genius

AGORA Financial is a subsidiary of AGORA Inc. a company founded in 1979 with its headquarters located in the famous and historic Mount Vernon in Baltimore Maryland. It has been recognized and applauded by numerous media outlets for its financial market analysis including Reuters, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Economist just to name a few.

AGORA Financial has made a name for itself by predicting financial bubbles and analyzing market trends. Even before they caught on, AGORA Financial had predicted Regenerative Medicine, Biotechnology, and personalized medicine. They offer unbiased, and independent analysis and do not accept payment from companies or investors to give them coverage for their products. AGORA Financial is unique in the fact that it offers free publications, over 20, to its readers including newsletters, documentaries, online publications, books, and international seminars.

Over one million readers subscribe to AGORA Financial publications and use their tips to manage and grow their wealth. They are involved in Gold Mines, Real Estate and Oil analysis with their employees traveling directly to the scene to investigate investment opportunities, unlike the typical broker who sits in a high rise building complex. AGORA Financial assists their clients in investing in new ideas before they erupt on the mainstream scene and all the money has already been made. The experts include a self-made billionaire, bestselling author, bond experts, journalists, film maker’s bankers, fund manager and a Harvard trained geologist.

At AGORA Financial you control your wealth and investment as they protect you from fake investment brokers who only want to steal your savings or just make a commission and help you sort out all the conflicting investment advice you have gotten from numerous sources. By providing independent economic commentary, e-books and international conferences, AGORA Financial has set up itself as your trusted investment advisor regardless of your location globally.

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