Factory Churns Out 1,000 Fake Credit Cards Per Day

A single operation run out of an apartment building was creating one-thousand fake credit cards per day according to charges lodged by federal authorities. This amounted to a huge amount of defrauded individuals, and it is going to lead to formal charges being pressed against the individuals responsible.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the fraud was created by a twenty-seven year old as well as a twenty-nine year old and a fifty year old who all worked together. They are being charged with conspiracy to commit access device fraud. Several others were alleged to be involved in the crime in some way or another as well. Those individuals have had to face the music in the sense that they have also been charged with federal offenses.

There is a joint investigation under way between the United States Secret Service and the Miami-Dade police department. Other agencies are also involved in unraveling this elaborate fraud. It is a shocking scene to some, but others have known that Miami is a major capital for these types of crimes all along. The area has frequently had to deal with the issue of bad actors wanting to step in and make their own rules so to speak. When they do, they often end up with terrible results for the rest of us.

Given what has happened down there, it is very likely that there will be extra scrutiny in the area in the days, weeks, and months to come. Federal agents and others are on high alert in Miami.

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