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Your smile is the only one you’ll ever receive and well known dental professional, Dr. Villanueva of the MB2 Dental will continue to work with his patients and help them maintain a smile which will last you a lifetime. Does your current dental care professional the make you feel like a number? Their professionals work with you giving you personalized care and work with as an individual. They also provide a spa dental environment with a relaxed atmosphere for your dental therapy. Trust your smile to the professionals at MB2 to back your smile with years of experience.

More people today are driven by how they look and your smile is very important to your appearance. Their professionals cater to cowards of all ages and works on your child’s smile with pediatric dentistry. It is never to early to work on your smile and a professional can help restore or maintain the condition of your teeth. Dr. Chris Villanueva says, the longer you wait to see a dentist with dental issues, the more serious they can cost or require extensive dental work in the future. His dental care professionals focus on quality care and an easy recovery.

MB2 Dental Services

– x-rays available
– teeth whitening
– jaw realignment
– crowded/space/gabs
– braces traditional/Invisalign
– alternative sedation
– orthodontist referral
– special care
– gum disease
– emergency services
– oral cancer screenings
– most insurance accepted
– spa dental

The professionals at MB2 Dental believe you should never sacrifice your smile because of limited resources. They have multiple payment plans to help you get the dental services you need and pay over time bi-weekly or monthly. Don’t suffer with an emergency dental care with an inability to pay.

They encourage you to bring your child to the dentist to take a tour and they’ll teach them the importance of brushing your teeth for nutritional health. They’ll show them how to brush and floss properly after each meal and give your child a dental fact sheet force job well done. We’ll never tempt your child with sweets says, Villanueva. You’re invited to a free consultation to help you learn more about how a dental professional can enhance your smile and get you back to work or school fast. Visit the MB2 Dental website for more services and finance offers today.

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