Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes and Leader of Disaster Relief Construction Industry

Barbara Stokes CEO of Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes, a company which she founded. This company provides services in the disaster relief construction industry. Barbara Stokes holds a degree from Mercer University with a focus on Biomedical Engineering. This also includes additional coursework in manufacturing and management. Much of her experience is in government contracting, as she has experience at both Boeing and Pisces Corporation. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Supporting Construction of Disaster Relief Homes

Barbara is currently in the process of leading Green Structure Homes in the field of constructing disaster relief homes with an aim to support FEMA and the US Government. She actively participates in her community, as a volunteer and a mother.

Recently Awarded $28.5 Million FEMA Contract

Her company has recently been awarded a $28.5 Million contract from FEMA that will create manufacturing jobs in 6 different states. The aim of the contract is to support hurricane re-building efforts to produce modular homes in light of Hurricane Harvey.


Offers a Total Solutions Package to Customers Bringing Leadership

Green Structure Homes is in the business of offering a total solutions package to bring proven leadership to her industry. Green Structure Homes is also known for being an innovator and providing top-notch American made manufactured homes. The aim is to also provide these homes as quickly as possible for the families needing them the most.

She Has Established Her Firm In Huntsville Alabama

Barbara Stokes’ leadership skills established a firm based in Huntsville, AL in 2008 along with her husband Scott. Both she and her husband have a combined 30 years of experience working in disaster relief. A wide range of construction projects span across North America, and have led to a lengthy expansion through the aim to employ more people and support businesses. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

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