Dr. Mark McKenna: A Major Medical Entrepreneur From The Big Easy

Dr. Mark McKennais a board certified surgeon and medical doctor in the states of Florida and Georgia. Although he is certified to practice medicine, most people who have heard of Mark McKenna’s know him for his many business ventures.

Mr. McKenna was born and raised in the great state of New Orleans, Louisiana. He completed his formal schooling in medicine at New Orleans’s Tulane University. After school, Dr. Mark McKenna got real world experience working at his father’s hospital.

While he was gaining professional experience, Mark McKenna began creating his own real estate development firm as a side project. Called McKenna Venture Investments, this firm eventually grew to include Universal Mortgage Lending as well as Uptown Title, Incorporated. In just a few years, McKenna grew his firm to 50 full-time employees.

Sadly, Hurricane Katrina devastated Mr. McKenna’s business in August of 2005. During this challenging time, McKenna worked hard to rebuild McKenna Venture Investments and helped less fortunate residents rebuild homes throughout New Orleans.

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, Mark McKenna started a new company called ShapeMed in Atlanta. ShapeMed is a medical practice that’s dedicated to clients’ overall sense of wellbeing and aesthetic treatments. In 2014, Dr. Mark McKenna sold ShapeMed to the company Life Time Fitness and was promoted to serve as Life Time Fitness’s National Medical Director. He continued to serve in this post for two years.

In 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna founded yet another medical company called OVME. Like ShapeMed, OVME is focused on aesthetic care. Unlike ShapeMed, OVME is more concerned with using the latest in digital technology to better assist clients. Dr. Mark McKenna believes OVME will revolutionize how people think about elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a deep love for his hometown and tries to get back to the Big Easy whenever he can. He currently serves on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, which takes place every year between April and May. McKenna is also an active member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

As for Dr. McKenna’s personal life, he is married to Gianine McKenna and has one daughter. Mark McKenna also has one adorable Pomeranian pet named Ryder. Gianine McKenna is the founder and owner of the Brazilian swimwear company Gianine Bikini.

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