Avaaz Believes in Helping People When Devastated by Humanitarian Distasters

Avaaz has built a reputation for caring about the planet, and the problems faced by the people. Millions and millions have been donated by Avaaz to provide aid to worthy causes, and help people regain their live when a humanitarian disaster has cost them most, if not all they have. Avaaz reaches all over the globe, and has the ability to quickly send help wherever it is most necessary in the world.

When Cyclone Nargis reached Burma, more than 100,000 people lost their lives. Many additional people remained in danger, but most of the aid from NGO was banned by the ruling generals. The aid that did manage to get through was prevented from reaching the areas that were in desperate need of assistance. The people were in trouble, and this is when Avaaz chose to act.

It only took Avaaz two days to find a way around the brutality of the government. They began working with the monks, because in many areas the only buildings still standing were the monasteries. Avaaz knew the areas close to the river Delta has been devastated, so this is where they sent help. Most of the governments send a lot less money than Avaaz, and the funds arrived quickly. Avaaz more than earned the pride they took in their actions, and many lives were saved due to their efforts.

When historic floods covered Pakistan in 2010, Avaaz raised $1 million in an incredibly short time frame, and sent it to the local groups. Haiti was left in ruination due to an enormous earthquake, and $1.3 million was contributed by Avaaz for recovery and relief for the people. This money bought food, medicine and shelter through local groups. When people are in trouble, and countries have been devastated, Avaaz has been there to provide assistance.


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