Troy McQuaggeSpearheading the HOPE Campaign of USHEALTH Group Inc

Troy McQuagge is a familiar name in the insurance industry of the United States and currently serves as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. He started his career in the insurance industry as a health insurance salesman after completing his graduation from the Central Florida University. Before starting his working career at USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge worked with some health insurance firms, including UICI and All State Insurance. He has a collective experience of nearly three decades in the health insurance industry and has handled various sales positions successfully.

At the time Troy McQuagge took over as the CEO and President at US Health Advisors, the company was fledgling. However, around two decades later, the company has grown over ten times in size and is a reputed name in the insurance industry. The net worth of USHEALTH Group has increased by nearly $1 Billion, and it is something worth noting when considering his capabilities as a business leader. At the time he joined the firm, one of the CSR initiatives that he started under the umbrella of the company was HOPE, which is an acronym for Help Other People Every day. HOPE runs many different high impact initiatives for the low-income communities in the country to ensure that the people in need are getting the help and support they need to not only survive but thrive. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

At the time when hurricane Katrina struck the country, a massive rehabilitation program was started by Troy McQuagge USHealth in partnership with Phoenix of New Orleans organization to help rebuild homes that were destroyed. It gave a ray of hope to hundreds and thousands of people in the region that had lost everything due to the hurricane and had nowhere to go. Helping other people is at the core of the company’s motto. Since the time HOPE initiative was launched, the company under the leadership of Troy McQuaggehas donated thousands of dollars for various rehabilitation initiatives and has reached out to thousands of people. He believes that every company has a commitment to the community it serves, and as a leader heading USHEALTH Group, Troy says he must ensure it happens. Visit:



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