George Soros Furthers His LIberal Causes With $18 Billion Donation

If one is to believe the conservative media outlets and conspiracy theorists of the world, 2017 was quite the year for George Soros as he continued his campaign to change the fabric of society as we know it. Conservative have blamed Soros for organizing the Women’s March following the inauguration of President Trump and many of the protests taking place across the nation about racial politics and the advancement of science. The truth is startlingly different when it is examined closely as the Holocaust survivor and former refugee now believe his role should be to use a fortune recently estimated at $26 billion by Forbes in aid of others who are struggling in lives similar to those lived by Soros in the past.

In the late 1970s, George Soros had built a fortune based on his skills as a hedge fund hedge fund manager on Wall Street and decided the time had come to use his good fortune to help those in need. Apartheid-era South Africa was the first target for Soros as he attempted to build an educational program for black males often robbed of their right to further their education by the racist policies of the government; Soros claims through the Open Society Foundations that he learned a valuable lesson as the government of South Africa took credit for his program and used it for propaganda purposes.

After establishing the Open Society Foundations, George Soros led the drive to rid the world of dictatorships such as the Soviet Union and the socialism he believes led the world towards disaster during the Cold War. Soros has worked to free those living under yoke of totalitarianism from their jailers throughout the latter quarter of the 20th-century into the last two decades despite his advancing years; The Atlantic reports the octogenarian has now given the bulk of his personal fortune to the Open Society Foundations to secure its future after his own passing. Regardless of the reasons for his donation, Soros has secured the future of an organization dedicated to the cause of fighting fascism and the loss of human rights around the world.

There seems to be little new in the distrust shown by the elite in American society to those who may offer a different viewpoint to the majority in American philanthropy who found themselves investigated in the 1950s for un-American links. Similar accusations have been leveled against George Soros despite them being completely unfounded and led to conspiracy theory Websites explaining the links Soros supposedly has too many difficult figures on the left. A well-known supporter of Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Obama, Soros will always be seen as an opponent of the right-wing and has vowed to play a major role in the continuing fight against President Donald Trump. Through the Open Society Foundations, George Soros has assured his own liberal causes will remain important for the future because of the $18 billion The Atlantic reports have been handed to the charitable group by the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992.

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