Avaaz – voice of the people

Avaaz is a non-profit organization based in the US that is aimed at giving the people a voice in the world we have now for the world we want. Avaaz means voice in Arabic, and that is what the organization has strived to give people for the past five years. It is aimed at fighting vices like corruption and issues like global warming all over the world.

Avaaz acts as a tool that empowers people all over the world to react to the matters that are oppressing them such as poverty, tribal conflicts, corruption and even general regional and national issues in general. Avaaz uses its influence on the internet to organize people. Every effort is recognized by Avaaz, and through their online platforms, they can take all the little efforts, put them together and form a very influential voice regarding that particular matter.

Avaaz is the largest activist network in the whole world. It uses its online influence to ensure that every issue across the globe that affects us all is addressed. Their campaigns are done in 27 languages, and the workers include thousands of volunteers and a team that is spread all over the six continents. These teams are responsible for the action that takes place in their various posts of work.

The Avaaz network is strongly reliant on its volunteers. Avaaz works to ensure that every work in a campaign is pushed to the end to ensure a better world for peopl

e to live in. Therefore, they aim at taking actio`n in different ways such as petition signing, funding of campaigns in the media and organizing protests, among other ways. All they do is to ensure that the views and values of the people are used to make the decisions that affect the whole world.


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