CVS And Amazon Battle For Healthcare Supremacy While Drew Madden Watches On

Who is Drew Madden and why should you care about what he has to say or think? Well, he is just one of the premier investors in all things to do with healthcare. He has a tendency to find the solid deals in the industry and help to make the industry as a whole a lot better in general. Basically, he does whatever he possibly can to make sure more people see the doctors and medical professionals that they need to see right when they need to see them.


Naturally, no one person can do all of the work that needs to be done in healthcare all by themselves. Drew Madden is a formative character in the industry to be sure, but there are so many moving objects in this realm that it is hard to ascribe too much credit to just one man. Instead, Drew acknowledges that there are other forces to be dealt with as well. Two of those forces right now are Amazon and CVS.


You might have heard in the news lately that Amazon has sought out licenses to sell pharmaceutical products in a number of different states throughout the country. That created a huge splash because the company often comes in an disrupts industries whenever they enter them. This was what happened when they purchased Whole Foods and put companies like Kroger on notice.


CVS might have been paying close attention to these moves because they have taken some steps to shore up their footing in the industry. They purchased the health insurance company called Aetna. This was their way of saying that they are not going anywhere without a fight. It is now a big battle between CVS and Amazon for the same crown. They both want to be the major player in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. See This Article for more information.


Drew Madden has been watching this fight unfold just like the rest of us. Unlike the rest of us, he has taken the opportunity to plan out how he might react to any number of different events that could take place in healthcare. He wants to always be ready to react to whatever may come our way in the industry. Madden has done a good job of it so far, and this latest curve ball probably won’t surprise him either.


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