Learning to Fight Fair When It Comes to Money

Money is a huge topic of discussion in most relationships. Sometimes, disagreements about finances can turn into intense arguments and serious marital and relationship issues. To ensure that you and your partner can get along even when you don’t agree on money matters, keep these factors in mind.

Most people say that the person they married is the opposite of them financially. This is the case for 73% of people according to a study conducted by Ameriprise Financial. Remember that your partner brings a new perspective that you may not have considered, and keep in mind that you decided to build a life with this person. Be as patient with your spouse as you want him/her to be with you.

If you’re the one who earns more in the relationship, remember that you shouldn’t feel more entitled to spend more or to make purchases without checking with your spouse. Marriage is a partnership, and the way you spend and save money should be agreed upon by the both of you. Even if you are bringing in most of the money, there are other ways that your partner contributes to the relationship, and this should always be acknowledged.

Finally, don’t be afraid to talk to your spouse about money. Just because you don’t agree on every point doesn’t mean that your marriage is doomed to fail. Just make sure that you’re being respectful toward each other, and you’ll find that you can come up with a system for your finances that works for your family. Find out more at www.huffingtonpost.com.

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