Doe Deere of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Everyone who considers themselves a lover of cosmetics has heard of Doe Deere, the beautiful founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is colorful, vibrant and dedicated to bringing color to the world of makeup. You can definitely say she is a hero in the beauty industry and for very good reason.

Born and raised in a small town in Russia, Doe Deere always had a love of fashion and makeup. As a young girl she would have slumber parties with her girlfriends and dress up as adorable witches. Doe Deere was in charge of applying makeup for her friends and they would dance around the room like little divas. It was this same fun and fashion forward attitude that would inspire Doe to create her own beauty brand.

Doe had her start in the beauty industry when she joined the popular online website, eBay. She would display her lovely fashion sense with colorful outfits that she created herself. She quickly began to gain the attention of buyers thanks to the bright colors and creativity behind her outfits. Doe quickly noticed the lack of colors in the makeup industry and began thinking up ways to make improvements. This would be the start of her very own beauty brand.

Lime Crime Cosmetics was officially launched in 2008 with lipsticks, nail polishes and eyeshadows in eye popping colors. Her line catered to theatre buffs, makeup artists and everyday people. One look at Doe Deere and it’s clear to see just how passionate she is about her brand. She can often be found with her signature bright curls in shades of purple, pink and blue. This is a mogul who wears her own creations with love and pride.

Her story is definitely worthy to inspire many entrepreneurs all over the world. She landed in New York City at the tender age of 17 and even had her own band called Sky Salt. It was in this band that Doe met her husband who just so happens to be the president of her widely successful cosmetics line. She loves the Beatles and can be found jamming to their tunes as she applies her makeup every morning. Learn more:

Doe is definitely a morning person and rises at 8:30 sharp every day. After a refreshing glass of water and some light stretching, Doe enjoys a healthy breakfast before getting to work. Her favorite breakfast is grits and she often pairs it with yogurt and fresh fruit. This is a woman who takes pride in her business and moves on to answering emails and calls right after breakfast.

Doe Deere’s success can definitely be contributed to hard work and filling a need within the makeup industry. She saw the lack of color in cosmetics lines and decided to launch her own beauty brand. It is this spirit that has made her a well known name in the industry and it’s this very same drive that is guaranteed to land her the role of an icon.

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