Giving back is a way of life for Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors (USHA). In 2010, he initiated the corporation’s mission of Helping Other People Everyday(HOPE).In this period of Troy McQuagge in office as the president and CEO, USHA and USHEALTH Group has grown exponentially. Today, the corporation functions at a level way higher than when Troy McQuagge began.In the aftermath of the historic Hurricane Katrina, Mr. McQuagge, HOPE project, and other leaders of the company allied with the PNOLA (Phoenix of New Orleans) organization.As a team, they were driven with the objective of making sure that the homes in the city that were most affected were rebuilt.A lot of hours of labor were dedicated to the restoration of homes for the lower Mid-City area in New Orleans.The staff, management and other contracted agents of this corporation are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of other people.HOPE is a mission that this organization holds close to its heart.

In 2011 USHA through its HOPE mission donated baby formula, brand new clothing, shoes and other basic requirements to The Crisis Nursery. This is a non-profit shelter for children.It serves the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.Each time the group gathers for business meetings, they find time to give back to the city that hosted them. When USHA went back to Pheonix in 2012 for their leadership meeting, a check for about $25,000 was presented to HOPEKids Arizona. This is a non-profit community that supports families of children with life-threatening health conditions such as cancer. In 2013 HOPEkids opened a branch in North Texas near USHA’S headquarters. USHA donated over $45,000 to this support community. Learn more:

Troy McQuagge USHealth believes that it is the company’s commitment and mission to help and serve others.To him, it is the noblest way to live life or run a business.These acts selflessness and of kindness by leaders of the company have undoubtedly caused a wave effect and has spread to USHA Agents in communities across America.In Brevard County Florida, under the leadership of Elizabeth Byrne, agents in the USHA offices decided to set out for a HOPE mission in the Palm Bay local community.They researched on service organizations and local charities in the local community. They finally settled on the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. This is a project that serves the community run by the Space Coast Paratroopers Association. Byrne and her USHA team joined hands with Homes for Warriors in preparation and repair for a mortgage-free home.This home was then donated to an Army Specialist and his family within the locality.

This is a clear indication that enriching the local community is also a topmost priority for USHA. These acts of Helping Other People Everyday has spread across the country in USHA’s sales offices.In Arizona in Richard Starke’s Division Office in Scotts dale, they decided to support the Wounded Warrior Project.At the entrance of their meeting room, a fishbowl was set up. This enables agents to donate freely to this project. Every week this division collects a lot of money as an aid for the Wounded Warrior Project.Since the establishment of USHEALTH Advisors(USHA), the corporation has been dedicated to living up to the mission of HOPE.This has been and will always be part of what the company does. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health


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