Credit Card Debt Can Impact Your Dating Life

If your single and looking for a date, then you may want to pay attention to your finances. That’s right. It turns out your personal finances can make you more or less attractive. Here is the lowdown.

It turns out that people who have a significant amount of credit card debt are viewed as being much less appealing to date than someone who has low to no credit card debt. Why is this you may ask? Credit card debt is often viewed as a bad debt that is indicative of someone with bad budgeting and personal finance skills.

To be exact, it seems that $11,500 of credit card debt is the point where people say they won’t date someone. The good thing is that most people don’t have this kind of debt. However, you will still want to keep a close eye on your finances if you are looking for love.

Another interesting point gleaned from the study is that not all debt is equal when it comes to dating. Business loans are viewed as okay and even a plus in some cases and so are home loans. So if you are stressing about your business or home loans, you can take comfort that it should not make a dent in your love life.

The reason that business loans and home loans are not viewed as negatively as credit card debt is the following. They represent an investment and a responsibility. Credit card purchases often represent impulse purchases and unnecessary purchases.

It turns out that paying down your credit card debt won’t just improve your finances, but that it will probably also improve your chances of finding a date. Keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to use the credit card for something you do not need.

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