Cassio Audi: A ‘Soldier of Sunrise’

Investment manager Cassio Audi is also an entrepreneur and a financier. What a lot of people may not yet know is that the Brazilian has other more interesting highlights on his professional resume. When Cassio Audi was a bit younger, he had another position that is quite surprising.Cassio Audi was a genuine rock ‘n’ roller. Yes, he has been employed in the area of finance for several years now. Audi’s past life, however, has been much more colorful.


Back in the 1980s, he was actually a professional musician. He was a drummer and percussionist. He was a founding member of the Brazilian heavy metal group called Viper.Before Cassio Audi decided to quit the South American-headquartered band sometime in 1989, he played on a pair of the rock group’s LPs. Audio even penned one of the tuneful tracks on the act’s 1987 audio offering known as “Soldiers of Sunrise.” Tha release was such a commercial success that it was (thus far) twice re-released in 1992 and also in 1997.

Audi’s Contribution

Both his songwriting and his overall contribution in bringing heavy metal music to the entirety of Latin America via his membership in the band Viper have made him famous among fans of heavy metal music to date. How did it all begin? It began when Audi was just a kid.He signed on with the group when he was a teenager. Audi remained part of the act for almost the entire decade and played a big part of the band’s overall development. When Audi got the feeling he was somehow not really serving any true purpose in the band, he simply bade them all a fond farewell.

“Soldiers of Sunrise”

Audi also contributed his musical talents to numerous demos and album tracks too before departing. The last of his work can be found on the act’s official debut disc, “Soldiers of Sunrise” which was put out earlier the same year he resigned. Like the other band members of Viper, Audi was very influenced by a number of different English heavy metal groups from the early 1980s such as the popular group Iron Maiden. Viper’s earlier mentioned record “Soldiers of Sunrise” went on to become a big hit with heavy metal music aficionados and also music critics. “Soldiers of Sunrise” is probably Viper’s most famous and cherished albums to date.

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