People Are Not Using Optimal Strategy To Pay Off Their Credit Cards

Anyone with multiple credit cards ought to know that there is an optimal strategy for getting them paid off. That strategy is to pay the minimums at least on all cards, and then pay any excess towards the card with the highest interest rate until it is completely paid off. That will help you avoid paying as much interest as possible. However, there are plenty of people who simply do not end up doing this, and it puts them in quite a spot.

Quartz Media quoted a study that showed that in the United Kingdom only slightly more than half of all payments for those with multiple credit cards were going towards the cards with the highest interest rate. The rest of the time, it seems that people simply do not pay much attention at all to what their interest rates are.

By not having a plan, people end up flushing money down the toilet in the form of excess interest payments that they did not have to make. That is something that simply cannot be allowed to stand for anyone who is serious about managing their finances and trying to get themselves out of debt. There are too many other things that have to go right to get out of debt to have issues with not paying the cards in the right order.

There are a lot of reasons a person can get into credit card debt. Getting themselves out is incredibly important, and the best way to make it happen is to work on paying down those cards as quickly as humanly possible.

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