Adam Milstein On Jewish Societal Growth

Adam Milstein is an author on Jerusalem Post which is a Cultural News-like website for members of the Jewish community. Retired IDF Army, Israeli Institute of Technology graduate, and co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he is a passionate contributor toward his Jewish ethnicity. After receiving his Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Economics, Adam Milstein migrated to the United States with his wife Gila and their family, achieving a Master of Business Administration degree after their arrival. Optimistic about the unity of the Jewish, Adam published a recent article on concerning a rise of antisemitism, expressing his hope and faith of the fellowship in the future generations of young Jewish men and woman who follow great leaders. Briefly reflecting on past struggles and hardships Adam Milstein refocuses on rising issues involving social media and the heightened percentages of negative activity, which has its wedge-like effect on many families, communities, and organizations throughout society.

Proud to witness characteristics of previous and current leading men and women in the Jewish youth, Adam Milstein believes there are more great leaders and connections to come from the positive communal acts and practices of having faith, and strengthening the community. Supporting the future, Adam sees these leaders in the youth, and with his family organization, he brings numerous college students to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference. He believes investing in great leaders produces great leaders. Eliminating the fears and building character types through a platform and set of tools meant to support and develop important defenses and strengths for the Jewish future.  Adam Milstein emphasizes educating and teaching of necessary skills with the shapers of the future that will eventually replace and take the place of leaders before them. Adam suggests focusing on rebuilding the identity and empowering the heritage in order to defend it.

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