BMW Raided By Police In Germany And Austria

BMW is widely known as one of the most popular consumer luxury car brands. Their annual maintenance fees might be extraordinarily high, but they’re still good cars.

Some countries and states, in the name of protecting planet Earth’s welfare, require car manufacturers to produce vehicles that fall below preset diesel emissions levels. Germany is one of those countries.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, German authorities forcefully barged into BMW’s Munich, Germany headquarters. Germany’s regulatory agencies involved with diesel emissions tests believe BMW may have cheated on its required diesel emissions tests.

A press release from the vehicle manufacturer read in part, “The BMW Group takes the situation very seriously and has a significant interest in the circumstances being fully explained.

German prosecutors shared, following the bust, of course, that roughly 100 police officers conducted raids in both Austria – a second manufacturing plant is operated out of Austria – and Munich, Germany. The investigation is currently in its infancy, and has not determined any rights or wrongs on behalf of BMW.

BMW had, in fact, updated roughly 11,400 automobiles – the two models involved were 750d and M550d saloons – with necessary-yet-faulty software that likely altered their emissions readings. However, the automaker alleges that it informed relevant authorities about the mix-up some months ago.

If caught, BMW wouldn’t be the only automaker found cheating. Back in 2015, Volkswagen admitted to purposefully modifying vehicle engines to pass – really, to cheat – tests of diesel emissions ratings. So far, Volkswagen, a BMW rival, has spend billions to smooth over legal issues.

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