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Better Investment Opportunities are Available When You Put Credit Card Debt Behind You

The money that you are paying in credit card interest could be going towards stocks. Most people that are saying that they would like to invest do not have any idea on what they need to do in order to … Continue reading

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Making More Money Is Not a Free Pass to Spend Recklessly

There is a level of financial security that most people are looking to obtain. It has been stated that on average people that earn $80,000 per year are in a place where they can essentially buy the type of vehicle … Continue reading

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The Financial Makeover

Straightening out your finances can be something that takes a little time. Anyone that has not done it before may need to get a complete financial makeover if they are struggling with balancing their budget from one month to the … Continue reading

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Sweden Appears To Be On Track To Go Cashless

Talk has already been made that Europe is on the move towards going cashless, and in one country it’s already happening. According to a CNBC report, it’s been discovered now that only about 2℅ of all financial transactions in the … Continue reading

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Learning How to Avoid Heated Arguments About Finances

A ton of couples find themselves arguing about money all the time. It can be a hard time for people that are married. The newlyweds that are in bliss will find themselves fighting so much more when there do not … Continue reading

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Credit Cards Don’t Have to Be So Much Trouble

So many students with credit cards start their debt when they get in college. It can be very difficult to resist the shiny plastic that comes with credit card, but it is possible to avoid all of that debt. The … Continue reading

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Amazon Raises Prime Membership Fees For Second Time In Four Years

Many consumers lean on Amazon for a number of reasons, quick two day shipping, television, movies, music, and deals that are all known perks of the popular Prime Membership. The company surprised and disappointed some consumers this week with a … Continue reading

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We all know that the home buying process is often a time consuming process. Most people find that the task of putting mortgage paperwork and information together can be a drag, especially filling out countless numbers of forms. The anxiety … Continue reading

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Signature No Longer Needed for Credit-Card Purchases

For years, merchants have been required to obtain customer signatures on most transactions involving credit-cards in order to verify customer identity. This process was often tedious for both parties, with cashiers needing to keep track of stacks of paper receipts, … Continue reading

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To Change Capitalism, First Change the Law

Henry Blodget’s article seeking a better form of capitalism is exactly correct. The beginning of the article shows a chart. According to the graph, wages and salaries have gone from 50% of GDP in 1969 to around 40% now. So, … Continue reading

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