Two Japanese Political Figures Step Down

Japan’s administrative vice minister of the Ministry of Finance, Junichi Fukuda, made public earlier this week that he would immediately step down from his position in response to audio recordings captured and held by a female news media circle reporter throughout which he allegedly sexually harassed her verbally.

It seems as if the legitimacy of that reporter’s claims are about as legit as they get, seeing as Junichi Fukuda stepped down with that having to be released.

Fukuda’s resignment came around the same time the governor of the Niigata prefecture of Japan, Ryuichi Yoneyama, too publicly announced that he would be leaving his role due to accusations – and these accusations are likely accurate and factual, alike, considering that Yoneyama is going to step down from his high-ranking post – that he forked over money to students in exchange for sexual favors.

An unnamed reporter that works for TV Asahi, a network in Japan, claimed that she had tapes alleging such harassment as early as 18 months ago – she just recently came forward, but those tapes are alleged to have verbal evidence of the now-former Ministry of Finance bigwig dating back some two years ago – accusations that made their way into the light of public view in Shukan Shinco, a magazine in Japan.

Parts of those tapes were actually made public, in which the voice of a man that supposedly is Fukuda inquired to the reporter, “Can I touch your breasts,” alongside other requests to “kiss” and “tie hands” of that reporter.

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