Scammers Find New Ways To Steal Credit Card Information

Many people think that using a credit card with a chip is more secure than using one without a chip. However, scammers now know how to get around using that chip and steal your personal information.


Hope Evans works for the Better Business Bureau. He stated that scammers are inserting devices in the place where you put your credit card. They are using this device to steal credit card information. These devices are known as shimmers. Experts have received numerous reports of people getting their credit card information stolen despite the fact that they had a card with a chip.


There are some things that you can do to prevent your information from being stolen. You may want to set up tap and pay because this will make it harder for the scammers to steal your information. You will also need to check your bank statements. If you see any charges that you did not make, then you will need to dispute them as soon as possible.


You should avoid using the ATM. You can go inside of a bank to get cash instead. You can also go inside of a store and request a cash back. Keep in mind that it can be easy for scammers to use shimmers. All they have to do is insert the shimmer into an indoor terminal. Scammers will retrieve the data, and it will look like they made an authorized purchase.

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