MB2 Dental “We Are Dentistry” Video Highlight: Dr. Matthew Simmons

Earlier this year, M2B Dental Solutions added a new video to their series, “We Are Dentistry,” which features the owner of El Campo Dentistry of Southeast Texas, Dr. Matthew Simmons. This installment focuses on Dr. Simmons’ life and family outside of the office, and how his whole life changed when he completed dental school and ten when he acquired his own dental practice.

Dr. Simmons likes to use his own personal experiences when helping first-time patients and those who may feel uncomfortable or nervous. He confides in the video that as a boy growing up he was painfully shy, thus he can relate very easily to those who come into his office and don’t feel comfortable right away. His patients are very important to him and putting them at ease, getting to know them as individuals, and providing the best quality care are his missions in his dental practice.

This video not only highlights Dr. Simmons’ dental career, but it introduces those who watch to the man Dr. Simmons is outside of the office; the family man who loves the outdoors and golfs regularly, the man who enjoys hosting dinners and neighborhood parties at the Simmons’ beautiful Victorian home with his wife.

The “We Are Dentistry” series was created by MB2 Dental to bring dentistry to a more personal level. The series does this by giving viewers a window into the daily life of the person underneath the white coat outside of their practice, including hobbies and even challenges they face.

MB2 Dental’s  Social Media: youtu.be/36smqxC1my0

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